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    I like the site, the images are a little disorted, could be clearer, but I like them. You actually seem a LOT like me! My name is also Jerad, notice spelled different, and I am 14. I'm almost as good...
  2. Ok, I can fix those things, Thanks. Oh and btw...

    Ok, I can fix those things, Thanks. Oh and btw none of the other buttons work cause I am still working on the layout ;) thanks for the replies. Anyone else?
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    Alright, I'll give it a shot. Um, can you kinda...

    Alright, I'll give it a shot. Um, can you kinda give me some idea of how you ould like it? I was thinking some curved line going out to the right side with the title amongst them... Anyways how would...
  4. Alright another Fallout Zone update...(best yet)!!!

    Alright, I fixed a lot of those little problems... Please comment on whatever you can(that will help the site :))


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    It just doesnt seem balanced without a banner at the top... If you'd like I could take a shot at making one for you... You'd have to give me kinda an idea of what you want but otherwise it should...
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    I don't know why but that really looked like it worked nice together... the only thing I can comment on is you might want some type of content window instead of it just floating out there. Maybe an...
  7. hmm...

    I think I may try something of a mixture of the both. I don't want all of the tech look to go away but I do like the grunge effect. I'll get back to you with the latest updates. In the mean time I...
  8. THANKS!

    I finally get some good reviews;) I will take all these ideas into mind. I will dull down and/or change the header image to make it fit more appropriatly.

    Also I like the idea about the orange...
  9. All new and updated.... What you think?

    Allright here is my second layout tryout thing:


    I'm happy with it but I wanna know if you are. I tried fixing the previous...
  10. Ok...

    Thanks guys. I'll try brightning it up some. I'm glad you like the top graphic;). Anyways I'll try to update soon... Anyone else have sugestions?
  11. Finally, I am happy with this layout...how bout you?

    Alright, here is the new Fallout design...


    Please comment on:

    -The colors
    -The images
    -Things you like and don't like
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    I second that question....

    I second that question....
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    Looks sweet

    I love the simple layout and the colorful expirements and stuff. great job overall!
  14. OMG thats nice. At first glance I though it was...

    OMG thats nice. At first glance I though it was too simple and not very exciting... But after I dug into the different sections I saw that wow it was really nice. That cloud movie you have though is...
  15. ok, I guess the *age* thing is getting old...

    But anyways, this was a little test for me... I'm gonna try a white background. I'll give ya a update when I get to it.. Thanks...
  16. But...

    Do you have any advice about the site? Like mostly on the bottom half of the red line...( a layout for it) Or a site similar to it?..? thanks
  17. Ya I guess that does sound pretty cheesey :)

    Ya I guess that does sound pretty cheesey :)
  18. What?

    You don't belive me? Or are you mocking my pride...? lol
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    I like the simplicity of it. Very nice and...

    I like the simplicity of it. Very nice and neat... ONe thing though. The scroll bar on the side is very hard to see. I came up with it on accident :)
  20. hmmm

    Well, ok. Um, all I really need is maybe an exaple of a good starter layout for the bottom half of the line(the red one). If anyone knows a site simialr looking to mine please post it...
  21. Thanks

    Ya, I'll change the font... But what were those issues you saw? I'de like to get them through so I can clear them up. Thanks...
  22. Hey, I'm trying html for a change. This is...

    Hey, I'm trying html for a change. This is actually my first html site, so please don't be too harsh ;) Anyways I like the top part of it but I need some advice about the content layout... Any ideas?...
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    The music I though really added a lot to it. I though it was very approprite for the site. I also like the layout. Maybe key in on the colors a little. Good job.
  24. Pretty cool

    I'm 14 too :) About your site though... The bg graphic is blury( probably enlarged?) and I couldn't read the text in the navigation menu. The spaceship didn't seem to fir the look of the site. It was...
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    Nice site...

    I only have one comment. That blue welcome graphic I though was kind of mis-fit with all the white. Great work otherwise.
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