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  1. drop down navigation menus needed! will pay

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a flash whizz to help me out.

    My website, 80scartoons.co.uk, is looking a bit dated and I'd like to try creating a flash based drop down menu system to naviagte...
  2. thanks!! got it sorted, thanks


    got it sorted, thanks
  3. [RESOLVED] flash image gallery required! will pay

    Hi guys,

    I'm at my wits end - I'm trying to source a neat, nice little photo gallery that is customizable (will allow me to easily change the pictures). I run the website 80scartoons.co.uk and...
  4. [F5] preloader? haven't a clue... help!!

    OK, I have my movie.... you can see it here:


    But I want to create one of those wee loading things - but I totally haven't a clue how to go about it, and can't find...
  5. i know what u mean

    i'm having the same issue:


    i'm trying to use the javascript stuff but it's way too complicated!
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    ok, my apologies - its the activeX thing that's...

    ok, my apologies - its the activeX thing that's happening to everyone.

    i've searched through loads of topics, and i'm trying to get the javascript thing to work, but i'm not very experienced, and...
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    flash not working - weird grey box


    I've created this page, but the buttons (with the names) don't work as soon as the page loads - you have to click on them to activate it as a...
  8. Fantastic, just what I needed! Thanku thanku...

    Fantastic, just what I needed! Thanku thanku thanku!

  9. customizable basic space invaders needed!

    I know a bit of flash, but I've been asked to incorporate a basic space invaders game into a site I'm designing, using my own images (like, for the one single good guy at the bottom, and the many...
  10. Many thanks, it works, just one question - how...

    Many thanks, it works, just one question - how come it seems to stall a little before it loads up the popped up url? It isn't downloading cos its using local files... any idea?

  11. Sorry.. :confused: put what in my html file? ...

    Sorry.. :confused: put what in my html file?

    and, I'm not very confident with actionscripting, it doesn't appear to work very well...

    :confused: :confused: :confused:

  12. need specific sized browser window to open from flash mx..

    Hello :o)

    I need a way to specify the size of a new browser window to open a url from my flash movie. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!


  13. nevermind, just found it on the link you gave me!

    nevermind, just found it on the link you gave me!
  14. Crikey, that'll take me a while to work out!...

    Crikey, that'll take me a while to work out! (quite new to flash!) One question though - how do I "set the textbox to render html" ?

  15. Actually, while we're on the topic, could anyone...

    Actually, while we're on the topic, could anyone let me know if the text that I've inputted for use within the scroll box can be formatted? Different font/bold/italic, etc, and can images be placed...
  16. Cool, thanks for that. If you have any...

    Cool, thanks for that. If you have any guidelines on the different variables I might be able to change while working with scrolling text boxes, please let me know! I don't really know what can and...
  17. Sorry, am using MX :o)

    Sorry, am using MX :o)
  18. how do i make a scrolling text box thingy


    Is there an easy way to create a box of text that scrolls using wee arrows that you roll over to move the text up and down?? Any help would be FAB! :oD

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    Hiya, that sounds like just the thing I'm looking for! Many thanks, I'll try it out tonight.
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    rollover shapes from image files....

    Hello, thanks for the reply, but I guess I should have made it clear what I was up to. I have various images, imported gifs, parts of which I want to make as rollovers. I am doing this at the...
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    shaped rollover buttons?

    Hi, is there a simple (I'm not that advanced) way to create rollover buttons that don't follow a square/rectangle shape? Please tell me there is!!
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    sound loops not smooth

    I'm using a perfectly fine sound loop in my flash movie, but when I view it, the loop isnt smooth and always has a very slight jump between runs - why?!?! It's so frustrating!!
    Any help would...
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    smooth music loops


    Why is it that when I put a sound that is perfectly smooth when running on its own, into my flash document, there's a wee jump after each run?? And how can I fix it?? Anybody? Please?
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    thankin u

    Thanks for that, I understand now. Seems like an awfully long way round just to make some rollovers though? It is useful having just the one symbol though.



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    rollover hell

    OK, I'm sorry, I'm confused. The dots are seperate buttons, and the up, over, down and hit frames are all used accordingly.

    What you mean have the all dots as one button? I can't see how that...
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