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  1. sending evt from DataGrid cell to checkBoxCellRenderer?

    I'm using a checkBoxCellRenderer within a DataGrid so that I have checkboxes in a column.

    It is possible to click on the cell area around the checkbox, resulting in the cell being pressed but the...
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    Getting dimensions of loadMovie jpeg?

    Is there any way to determine the width & height of a jpeg that is loaded through loadMovie()?

    The container movieClip will always end up with a _width and _height of 0.

    Is there some round...
  3. Yay NorthCode!

    NorthCode seems to have the solution! :o)

    I have tough Mac and Win min system requirements for the player. So I'll contact NorthCode's support by email before I buy.

    Along the fileIO thread...
  4. File io capabilities & stand alone player

    Does the stand alone player allow you to write to a text file directly to the machine it is palyed on? (No server involved, no php, etc.)

    I have a project requiring that a stand alone executable...
  5. compile as Flash 7 and now remoting chokes - help

    I have a large project using flash remoting to .NET that has been working great compiled as Flash 6. If I try to compile as Flash 7 netservices locks the player into an endless loop and then times...
  6. Load .swf with movieClipLoader & pass FlashVars?

    I have a .swf that accepts a FlashVars variable. Using flashVars when calling a .swf from your html page gets the variable set before your code starts running.

    How do I do the same thing if I...
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    Thanks for the help! Unfortunately it is not...

    Thanks for the help!

    Unfortunately it is not my code and has near 80 class files that will take me a while to convert. A lot of the code is fairly good but there is some messing around with...
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    Flash 7 AS1.0 .swf load an AS2.0 swf OK?

    Am I asking for trouble using a Flash 7 ActionScript 1.0 .swf to load (using movieClipLoader) Flash 7 ActionScript 2.0 swf's into it?

    I have a rather large application framework written entirely...
  9. Maybe that machine had an earlier version of the...

    Maybe that machine had an earlier version of the Flash player? Just a wild guess, but perhaps worth checking.
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    same issue for me

    I'm getting this same issue. It started after I reinstalled Flash MX 2004 pro for Windows. For the same code, my old swf compiled from my earlier install of Flash 2004 MX Pro containing the...
  11. uh, well after looking into this, it sounds to me...

    uh, well after looking into this, it sounds to me that neither Flash nor Flash Communications Server have you covered license wise for decoding or encoding mp3 if your organization makes over...
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    What does MM have to say about it?

    Did anyone get any clarification from Macromedia? Does the license they bought allow developers to decode MP3's on the client side wit Flash and encode/decode with Flash Communication server on the...
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    I came down to this for me (I'm not a lawyer and...

    I came down to this for me (I'm not a lawyer and I'm only guessing and certainly not giving advice, your milage may vary, etc.). The eula states: You cannot use the MP3 compressed audio within the...
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    oh ya. Remember you need to URL encode/decode...

    oh ya. Remember you need to URL encode/decode the email address you are sending as params.

    The downside of sending the data through the URL is that it is not secure. On the other hand, unless...
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    maybe just pass params to asp.net page in url

    I would think you could bypass flash remoting by making a call through http from the flash client to an ASP.NET page and pass params through the URL.

    The asp.net page would in turn either directly...
  16. Is the MediaPlayback component designed for Flash Com Server?

    Are the media controls designed to use with Flash Communications Server?

    I'm using the Media Playback controller and I want to point it to an mp3 file through the Flash Communications Server which...
  17. Thanks for the help Jay. Yes, it may be that...

    Thanks for the help Jay.

    Yes, it may be that licensing is only needed encoding and decoding that the liceses are for. In my case I have a license that came with software I use for encoding mp3...
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    Need some help. FCS not finding mp3

    Sorry for the basic question.

    I think I must be misuderstanding how to specify paths to content like mp3 files with Flash Communications server.

    I have a directory in the FCS applications...
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    here it is

    I found it, its not with the product dev info. MM put all the PDF manuals in one place here:

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    No installers for minor updates?

    What is with not providing an installer for minor updates these days at MM? I noticed the 1.5.1 update provides instructions on how to do it all by hand, back it up, etc. If you have a lot of dev,...
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    Where is the FCS manual in PDF?

    I'm trying to find the Flash Communication Server manual that is in PDF. After I bought and installed FCS it mentioned there was a PDF version of the manual I could get on MM's site but it didn't...
  22. Yikes, well that was my fear that Flash wasn't...

    Yikes, well that was my fear that Flash wasn't throwing exceptions that could be caught except in a few places perhaps, but nothing you could count on catching in try/catch blocks.


  23. Thanks for the help, its appreciated. I do...

    Thanks for the help, its appreciated.

    I do understand I can throw my own error, but I assumed the try/catch block would catch the error already being thrown by Flash (at least its being thrown...
  24. That's helpful thanks. My main concern is how...

    That's helpful thanks.

    My main concern is how and when try/catch works and doesn't work intercepting exceptions.

    I'm hoping I am just using it wrong here and there is not a larger issue of it...
  25. try catch block not catching loadVars error

    I'm having trouble catching a Flash player exception from LoadVars.
    The code below where I purposely feed LoadVars an incorrect URL to the text file it should read generates an exception: "Error...
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