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  1. Nevermind. I took a breather, walked away for a...

    Nevermind. I took a breather, walked away for a while, then came back and reassessed. I was missing a parenthesis. Anyhow. I fixed it now. Thread Resolved.
  2. [RESOLVED] Javascript form validation process does not work correctly

    I'm having problems with a javascript form validation that i have been working on for 8 hours now and every time I test it, it does something new unexpected.

    I have a form with just 1 select pull...
  3. I solved it by adjusting all instances of 15 to...

    I solved it by adjusting all instances of 15 to 1... I guess that was causing the extra pixels
  4. [RESOLVED] automatic slider is off by 20 pixels


    I have a flash player that has a automatic player (with slider and controls),

    I am not sure why the slider head is off by a lot of space, but as the slider goes to the right, there is a gap...
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    I just found a nice snippet for finding the creation date of a file, but I added some extra code to it to find and extract the referrer filename (which is then passed to the creation date snippet).
  6. Found the issue!

    Hi... I finally found and fixed the bug.

    It seems that this "hidden" input tag at the end of the form code was the culprit:

    <input type="hidden" name="station" value=""></input>

  7. tried the trace... unsuccessful

    I've tried the trace statement and the form is still getting pushed through.

    I replaced the if else statement with the trace you gave me:

    if (fullName == "" ||...
  8. Trace?

    Thanks for your reply. How would I do such a trace?
  9. [RESOLVED] Why Does The Form SKIP the last Else If statment?

    Hi, Im learning javascript but I know enough to successfully modify some scripts. Well I need some help with this one. I have distilled it down and have configured it the way I want. The only thing...
  10. From JQuery $() function to JavaScript getElementByID

    I have a snippet of code that keeps putting out an error message. The problem is that the snippet is in JQuery and I do not know that language.

    I am told that the problem is with the JQuery's...
  11. Thread: I Love You.

    by anna_2010

    I Love You.

    I absolutely love this site. I've come for help and have lent suggestions and there are so many users here that I have really learned alot from.

    I was wondering if there is anyway to donate to...
  12. [RESOLVED] Writing a JavaScript Check, WHA???


    I'm working on a site that has a login button run by javascript which then takes the user to an app.

    The problem currently is that users click on the login button fill out their username...
  13. Thank you so much, it worked like a charm.

    Thank you so much, it worked like a charm.
  14. [RESOLVED] Javascript Not Working In Chrome...

    I have a webpage that enlarges images with the use of a snippet of Javascript in the <head> tag. It works fine in IE and FF (you can see an example of how it's supposed to work by clickin on any of...
  15. I think I've got it now.

    Sorry about that... I've been staring at code too long. It seems that my css for the 3rd menu should have been directed at: #centeredmenu ul li ul li:hover ul

    Not just #centeredmenu ul ul ul... ...
  16. [RESOLVED] How do I hide the 3rd level menu until the 2nd level item is hovered?


    I considered myself a mid-level CSS person until today. I am officially demoted to basic. I don't get it...

    I checked, validated the code and have been trying to employ everything I could...
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    I've got ways... ;) Seriously though, either...

    I've got ways... ;)

    Seriously though, either Title attributes, instructions on the enlarged image or the combination of both would work.

    It doesn't matter anymore, now that I've implemented a...
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    I just found the cure I was looking for:

    I've commented out the #zoom a:hover img CSS segment so that hover will no longer work, because I no longer need it.

    Instead I opted to replace the...
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    [RESOLVED] setTimeOut on CSS zoomed image


    I have images that zoom upon hover. The problem is that some people without an external mouse can't scroll the page in order to view the entire image. So, I will need a way to hold the image...
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    Hi, Maybe you need to try adding a Parameter...


    Maybe you need to try adding a Parameter called "Scale"

    You can see how to implement it here:


    in the value=""...
  21. I put: this.swapDepths(-99) Directly on the...

    I put:


    Directly on the first frame of the symbol that shows on the "_Over" position and I did this for every State image that had a hover.

    It worked perfectly.

  22. @nunomira Thanks, yeah... I went back and...


    Thanks, yeah... I went back and tinkered with it and found that you had it by label.

    I will go ahead and do a complete overhaul of the file I currently have.

    I've also just found...
  23. @nunomira As a matter of fact YES! Wow! ...


    As a matter of fact YES!

    Wow! Thank you! Impressive!

    OK, So I see that every State image wiill need to be on a new layer (instead of all on the same layer).

    I didn't see any...
  24. [RESOLVED] (CS4) Using Hover state of one button to simultaneously activate another


    I have flash which contains the map of the United States. Each state is a separate button. When each state is in hover mode, it changes the look/size of that state and adds names of the...
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    RE: "
    OUCHIE,... WOW this thread is back from good old 2002 tisk tisk anna_2010, "

    What do you mean by that guardianKitty?

    You obviously replied too! LOL But I have to say your timing...
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