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  1. Need ActionsScript 3 Onscreen KeyBoard for Flash Application!

    Hi Friends,

    Is there any free onscreen keyboard made in Flash AS3 available out there so that we can use it in our projects? I have tried few options bu tit just don't seem to work. If anyone has...
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    Need onscreen Keyborad for AS3


    I am also trying to implement an onscreen keyboard in my flash application. Any suggestion if such keyboard is available out there? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Arkitx! Thanks for the reply. Let me...

    Hi Arkitx! Thanks for the reply.

    Let me explain : Mine is a Flash Application consisting of a Feedback form to collect feedback from a customers coming in Shopping mall. This application is...
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    Which actionscript version you are using?

    Which actionscript version you are using? If you are using AS 3.0 then try this code -

    stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;

    Hope it helps. Thanks.
  5. Is Flash a perfect solution for Kiosk Application Development?

    Hi Friends,

    I have an upcoming project where an interactive kiosk application needs to be designed/ developed in Flash. While I was making search if Flash would be an ideal and appropriate...
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