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  1. I need to see the flash errors in a compiled air desktop application.

    Hi I have an app running on windows xp. I no that errors are occuring and I need to be able to see them. I caunt run it with in the flash or flash builder environment, so life is made that bit more...
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    trace out an object or json...

    Hi writing an app that pulls data in from twitter that's returned in json. When I trace it out I get something like [object,Object][object,Object][object,Object]
    Is it possible to see all the...
  3. create Oauth signituare for twitter in as3?

    Since twitter locked down the api, im finding it really hard to grab the data I want.I need to use Oauth.

    Because I dont actually need to link a twitter users account to my application (only...
  4. could the GCOD occur because of the program being...

    could the GCOD occur because of the program being run for a prolonged amount of time?
    For example if I leave my application running over night more often than not it has gone to the GCOD in the...
  5. can you get the GCOD (gray circle of death) for over use of the cpu? or just memory?


    I keep randomly getting the GCOD (gray circle of death) appear in my flash project but when I check the memory report from flash everything looks fine.

    Can I get the GCOD for anything...
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    video tearing in air 2.6

    Im running video at 1024x768 in a desktop application.
    Its suffering with tearing.

    I think in air 3.0 and over you can set the render type to gpu and this fixes the issue.

    But the...
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    Hi Russ, Something like this might help......

    Hi Russ,

    Something like this might help... Listens for when a clip has been added to the stage...

    var test:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

    function checkForItem(evt:Event):void{...
  8. Best way to display a video both on a main and secondary screen (synced)

    Im writting an AIR desktop application.
    I want to show a HD MP4 video on a main screen and also show the same instance of the video running on the secondary screen.
    Can anybody think of a good...
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    AIR app silent updater

    Hi im trying to figure out how I can update a .air app silently.

    I have these command lines to install air and the app silently...

    Command line install adobe air silently and allows air...
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    tlf text field autosize.left

    Hi I'm having issue with auto sizing a "linked" (not sure thats the correct wording) tlf text field.

    Basically I have a tlf field labeled txt1 this is linked to another tlf field called txt2.
  11. what variable type is one that can be set multiple types of class?

    I have a method that can set a variable to various types of class depending on the outcome of a if statement.

    But as its an unknown what class the variable will be set to before running the...
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    Yeah unless Flash turns a corner and is well used...

    Yeah unless Flash turns a corner and is well used in the industry again.. im not learning any more flash based stuff! I know more than enough for most stuff! I dont actually know what to learn...
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    What worries me is what else would I use other...

    What worries me is what else would I use other than flash for some stuff.. ???
    My day job is is to look after and add to a jukebox interface I wrote last year. Its been really successful.
    This is...
  14. I should look more before I post!... This could...

    I should look more before I post!...
    This could be very useful...
  15. Direct communication between two local swfs... I was thinking socket?

    I have some software developed where I have setup good communcation between some VB software and flash software. Communication is done locally via socket connection.

    I was hoping I could do...
  16. after you install an air app as an exe, does it still get air updates?

    Im thinking about using air for a project that will be installed on hundreds of machine.

    I was going to develop and deploy as a (.exe) to these machines.

    once deployed what happens if I...
  17. sorry! got it! just needs the offset on...

    sorry! got it! just needs the offset on mousedown, no need on mousemove.

  18. [RESOLVED] Offsetting x pos of the object for move

    Im struggling with the maths for this...

    basically if you use this...

    function moveit(e:Event){
    BTN.x = this.mouseX
  19. Spot on, thanks 5tons.

    Spot on, thanks 5tons.
  20. [RESOLVED] remove listener for shorthand eventlistener?

    Could someone tell me what the syntax is for removing the listener when writing it shorthand?

    For example how do I remove the Listener for this...

  21. how did they create an flv on the fly on jibjab?

    Can anyone tell me how this is done?
    Take a look at this link...
    JibJab allows you to upload a photo of yourself, so you can star in a comedy music...
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    Thanks for the reply cult. Yeah I could always...

    Thanks for the reply cult.
    Yeah I could always do that in a later version i spose or adobe
    well its on the android market now anyway "booze cruiser"
  23. Ahhh good, Thanks Jaquan! I thought it was just...

    Ahhh good, Thanks Jaquan! I thought it was just my bad coding skills or something.

    I can see how this kind of thing can throw spanners in the works though.
    If for example you don't name your...
  24. How do you stop two .swfs that are loaded into each other fromsharing the same class?

    Hi I have had this issue for months now, I get round it by simply renaming the class something else but I just wondered if I could do anything else..

    if main.swf uses Startup.as in a ...
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    numerical input only on andriod?

    Hi Guys,

    If you create an input text feild, publish this to android and then press it while running the device, Andriod automatically throws up a keyboard for it.

    Does anyone no of any control...
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