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  1. combobox that loads external swf in an mc placeholder

    nid help again :) to all flash gurus. am using flash 8 and planning to make a combobox that whenever a viewer choose an item in the combobox list. it would load an external swf in a level or target...
  2. input text that loads external swf without using php or server

    help all friends of flash out there. am in a bit of a jam bin scrambling my head on how to make a query. u c am planning to have an input box on my site and a combobox that on select of an item in a...
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    help in search button

    in need of help am a newbie in flash, trying to figure out how to make an input box with a search button, and radio button option that loads external text or swf movie in a target path. can anybody...
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    thanks for the new site u posted big help. am...

    thanks for the new site u posted big help.
    am using flash mx, but i was looking for a scroller sliding menu, that on rollout it moves like a pendelum before it stops, gave me a bit of a puzzle. it...
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    scroller with tension and decay

    help needed !!! can anybody help me. am trying to make a scroller move left to right on rollover, but as it rollout its speed will gradually decrease with tension and decay. i saw this done with the...
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