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    So if I remove the following: ...

    So if I remove the following:


    the errors cease.

    Anyone know why setting the...
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    Help with CellRenderer class for a comboBox

    I am trying to dynamically skin a ComboBox at runtime, based on color values I am reading from a database using amfphp. Everything is working great, except for one thing.

    I am having problems...
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    Drag and Drop Datagrid?


    I have found lots of examples of drag and drop with drop target for actionscript 3, but I can't find anyone even selling customized datagrids with the drag and drop feature. Does anyone...
  4. Hey Josh, Thanks for those classes! I did...

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for those classes!

    I did download it and gave it a look before I even made this post (the power of search engines). I never tried using it though because I thought it was for...
  5. How to push a dynamic number of elements onto an associative array?


    I have been working with flash remoting in actionscript 3.0 and there is no result set class. I'm fairly new to AS3, but I am very fluent with AS2, and so far the migration has been easy.
  6. I figured out my problem. its serverinfo not...

    I figured out my problem.

    its serverinfo not serverInfo, all the tutorials I found had it spelled as serverInfo
  7. Question with flash remoting and the result object


    Every where I have looked for flash remoting tutorials and tips is using amfphp and not CFCs. I have everything set up correctly, I just cannot figure out how to get anything out of the...
  8. Never mind, I figured it out. I just set a click...

    Never mind, I figured it out. I just set a click event listener and used a public variable inside of the class to get the value of the button that was pressed. I don't know why I didn't think of...
  9. Newbie AS 3 Question (Capturing Menu Click/How to call back from class event listene)


    I have recently started learning actionscript 3, and I think this is just some concept I am not understanding.

    I found a class for a menu that I am using, basically I want to attach a...
  10. Advice needed on which technology to use for a client-side app


    I wasn't too sure where to post this, but this forum seemed like the best place for it. I am trying to decide which technology would be best for an application that I am going to describe....
  11. Help with Applying an "embroidered" effect to text or a "stroke"

    I need to apply an embroidered look to dynamic text. Right now I am using a dropshadow filter on the text box with the following line of code:

    var hexNum:Number = 0x990000;
  12. Nevermind, I figured out how to get it to work...

    Nevermind, I figured out how to get it to work using setInterval(). Thank you so much!

    However I don't seem to understand how an onEnterFrame call would help me here.
  13. How would I use a setInterval or onEnterFrame to...

    How would I use a setInterval or onEnterFrame to do this?

    I'm kind of confused. Here is my source code.
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    Dynamic Text Arc in Actionscript

    I need to take a textbox on the movie screen, fill it with text and then apply an acute arc to the text about the middle of the text.
    All the help I have found so far has just been how to arc text...
  15. Has anyone made a scroll bar for a dynamic amount of content?

    I have a scroll bar in place using actionscript. The layer being masked contains a movieclip which loads up a dynamic amount of content. The problem is the movie clip generating the dynamic...
  16. Give movie clips a padded border of a different color, how to?

    I think I know I should of messed with the glow filter class before asking, but I require a little more in depth-ness to it. I need the movie clips padded area (the square behind them) to change...
  17. Creating a scroll bar for a series of dynamic images?

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial that shows how to do tihs?

    I am trying to create a series of images inside of a width constraint that would have a scroll bar to go through these images. It...
  18. More like embroidered Text you would find on a...

    More like embroidered Text you would find on a letterman's Jacket. The letter is Orange with a black trim around it.
  19. How to create embroidered Text with Actionscript?

    I need to create embroidered text dynamically in flash. The text will have two colors, one the color of the text, and the other the color of the trim around the text (the embroidered look). I was...
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    I knew it wouldn't be easy, thanks for the link.

    I knew it wouldn't be easy, thanks for the link.
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    Capturing Images created in flash 8

    I am using flash for an e-commerce clothing line application. The article of clothing consits of a jpg image, an esp image, and text. I would like to capture and save the image that is created on...
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