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    I will PAY someone to fix it.

    I need some help on a project that needs to be done immediately!! I can supply the .FLA file. I just need someone to clean up and/or fix a video problem that i cant figure out for myself. I basically...
  2. PLEASE HELP!! use FLVPlayback component to play different external .flv's

    i am currently working on a site that contains multiple links to many .fla files that i need to be able to load into one player on the site.

    Here is the link to my site so far.
  3. THANK YOU! Unfortunatly i had a look at the file...

    THANK YOU! Unfortunatly i had a look at the file and to be honest i am new at this at it appeared to be pretty complicated for me. This is my website so far if you want to have a look at it. If you...
  4. PLEASE HELP! External SWF's into a FLV Player

    right now i have a flv player on my site that when you go to my website it just loops 1 external movie that it calls at start up. (that was easy). But now i have multiple external swf movies that i...
  5. Im so sorry, i think im a bit confused. but im...

    Im so sorry, i think im a bit confused. but im not sure how to duplicate just the base MC. Lets say i have a small Fla. file that contains a contentMC, ScrollerMC,TopBTNMC,and a BottomBtnMC in the...
  6. nope

    nope,i duplicated in the library. Question, maybe i made the movie clip wrong. I created the custom scrollbar along with the content box containing the content in a seperate file. I then created a...
  7. HELP!!! How do i Make Duplicate Movie Clips Different

    Newbie here,
    I took a tutorial and created a nice simple custom scrollbar. Now it said at the end of the tutorial i can gather all the elements, create 1 movie clip out of it, then use it multiple...
  8. Adding Wallpaper to the FLV Playback Component

    i was wondering if there is a way to make the FLVplayback component with a transparent screen, that way every time someone stops the player or the movie ends it shows my company logo graphic on the...
  9. Can i load External .WMV movies in my flash website??

    I need to know how if possible to load external .mov or .wmv movies in my website?
  10. Help! External .MOV or .WMV Files in Flash 8

    Is it possible to view or call external .mov or .wmv files in my flash 8 website?
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