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  1. UK Flashers: Studio MX 2004 + Flash pro for sale (brand new)

    Hi ppl,

    I'm offering for sale Studio MX 2004 with Flash professional - brand new still in the box. 549.

    I am not interested in selling individual components of the Studio.

    If you are...
  2. LOL Yeah, tell me about it :)


    Yeah, tell me about it :)
  3. The-right-to-Flash.com - Support Right-to-Left Languages in Flash

    The Right to Flash is the initiative of Amir Dotan (London, UK), Mushon Zer-Aviv (Tel-Aviv, Israel) and Naim Kamel (Ramallah, Palestinian National Authority). It was launched in July 2003 in order to...
  4. An API to search the ActionScript Dictionary online?

    Hi ppl,

    Hope this question isn't going to be regarded as techincal since it's not really about Flash itself. I'm thinkin of including a serach option in my Flash support forum system that will...
  5. Best practice to implement a PHP interface object?

    Hi ppl,

    I'm working on a very simple table update system which has 2 functionalities:
    1. Add record.
    2. Remove record.

    At the moment I have two PHP pages(addItem.php and removeItem.php).

  6. Yeah. It's not about the Web and it's not about...

    Yeah. It's not about the Web and it's not about the Flash. It's all about the money and it's far from being some revelation but Macromedia are going out of there way to market Flash as a cross...
  7. Well... I agree there's no magic solution at the...

    Well... I agree there's no magic solution at the moment but my experiences of using Hebrew with Microsoft products has been MUCH more positive than the ones I'm having using Hebrew with Flash....
  8. "However, you'll probably have to jump through a...

    "However, you'll probably have to jump through a few hoops in order to get things to work correctly."

    Why should I? don't you think that Macromedia should provide a quality product which does not...
  9. That's true but only to some extent. You cannot...

    That's true but only to some extent. You cannot embed the fonts of the dynamic RTL text you are loading. The direction and/or order of the characters changes and the text is not readable. Being...
  10. Flash sites in arabic with dynamic content? any such thing?

    Hi ppl,

    I'm currently conducting a small research into the use of RTL (right to left) languages in dynamic Flash content. I'm looking fo exmaples of Flash sites in arabic and new media design...
  11. why use urlencode when passing a value back to Flash?

    Hi ppl,

    I'm going over some Flash-PHP tutorials and noticed that when I ever I want to echo a value back to Flash I have to do it like so:

    print "&result=Fail&errorMsg=" . urlencode("You need...
  12. Ok... it wasn't working in Yahoo! mail but it...

    Ok... it wasn't working in Yahoo! mail but it works fine in Outlook. The problem is that if I load the content from a text file:

    &dear=dear&firstline=has sent you one of those McMurphy movies....
  13. how to make a new line in an email generated body message?

    Hi ppl,

    I'm using:

    on (release){
    getURL ("mailto:" +recipient+ "?cc=" + cc + "&subject=" + subject + "&body=" +body)
  14. Verifying that data has been successfully passed to the server?

    Hi ppl,

    I have a movieclip on stage which I use to loadVariables to and from via an external AS file. The movieclip is used a number of times with differnt variables through out the movie. I'm...
  15. How to send an object's properties value to an ASP page from an .as file?

    Hello ppl,

    I have an external AS file which contains an object called FormData. This object manages a form and has an object inside it 'form' which contains all the different entries made in the...
  16. Basic question about passing a string from ASP into Flash

    Hi ppl,

    I'm currently working on an existing project and have a situation when an asp page contains a flash movie and passes it a string. As far as I know the flash movie itself didn't request...
  17. Hey musicman, The form is in Flash format now...

    Hey musicman,

    The form is in Flash format now but attempts to use English and another language in the same field to a satisfying result have been unsuccessful so it seems we have to take the HTML...
  18. Any way of passing data from HTML to Flash locally without FSCommands?


    I have a Flash site which launches an HTML form. Some of the details that are filled in the form needs to be sent to the Flash main interface (using Flash 5). When the user clicks on a...
  19. How to detect an empty text field using its variable name?

    Hello ppl,

    This is really annoying. I'm developing an interface in Flash 5 (can't use MX for this one) and I need to detect if a number of fields in a form are empty. I've tried cheking if they...
  20. Strange problem with accessing data from #include from including document

    Hello ppl,

    I have an .as file which includes another .as file so that the methods defined in it can make use of a specific function. For some strange reason, some of the methods in the including...
  21. Hey Dunc, Some great stuff indeed.. thnx! ...

    Hey Dunc,

    Some great stuff indeed.. thnx!


  22. What are an email validation requirements?

    Hello ppl,

    Does some know what are the official email validation requirements? I'm currently working on a validation script and want to make sure it covers everything.


  23. Best practice to validate an email address?

    Hi ppl,

    I'm trying to define the requirments for email address validation. From what I have now I know I need to check to see if it contains the "@" and the presence of a dot. However, I'm sure...
  24. Trying to install PHP but can't locate mscvrt.dll

    Hi ppl,

    I'm trying to install PHP and am following the instructions in the book "Foundation PHP for Flash" (page 448). I've downloaded php-4.3.0-Win32 but can't seem to find the file mscvrt.dll...
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    look under file--> install new font once you open...

    look under file--> install new font once you open the fonts control panel.

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