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    Open Browser Window in Front

    I create flash CD presentations for various clients. I am working in flash CS4 and in this case using action script 2.

    I stopped using the FS command for full screen because hyperlinks to web...
  2. Need Time Line Advancement with Action Script.

    I am building a Flash continuous play application for a company to use in a booth presentation at a sales show. In effect, it will be a more engaging Powerpoint presentation.

    Each slide will be a...
  3. Prohibiting File Copying From Flash CD to Harddrive

    I have created a small flash application. There are swf files, folders with xml files and the base exe file. The application has been burned onto a CD and will be replicated. The client is...
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    Print MovieClip button

    I have a presentation that loads an external swf onto the stage.

    That swf movie clip has specific stop point. I would like the viewer to be able to print only the movie clip, and preferably the...
  5. Can a Javascript code be placed within an Action Script or SWF

    I am having problems with a simple popup window in an swf file that is being called into an exe file for CD replication.

    I have a number of good popup window applications used on HTML pages but...
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    Thanks for the reply but it didn't open a popup,...

    Thanks for the reply but it didn't open a popup, it opened a full browser with no page display.

    I've saved the text exe file with my action script and tried on a couple of different computers,...
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    POP UP Browser from CD Problem

    I can't seem to get the javascript open window functon to work with a simple button. I'm using flash 8. I'm creating a simple CD with exe which loads a swf movieclip. With in this movie clip is a...
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    Video to FLV on a Server like You Tube?

    I am looking to understand the application needed or an online hosting service that works like YouTube. A video is uploaded, it converted to FLV and the converted FLV file name is inserted into a...
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    [F8] Understanding Cue Points and FLV

    I have been adding FLV files to my SWF files for sometime.
    I now want to have an action that when a movie ends the SWF will automatically go to the next scene.

    I'm not sure how to get this to...
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    Not quite sure about suggestion

    Thanks Veo,

    I understand the logic but don't quite see where this script would work.

    The banner i've created is about 200 frames with a GoTo action script at the end to frame 2 label.

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    [F8] Looping limit script

    I've run into a new situation for some flash banner advertising.

    They are calling for a loop limit of 3 and another of 4.

    I've googled flash loop limit script and have found nothing.

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    Video Upload and Display in Component

    I am creating a membership site where members can upload video.
    The site is written in PHP. For the first few video uploads I manually converted the mpg's to FLV files and saved the SWF's for that...
  13. Applying Hover features to Dynamic Text as a hyperlink

    I posted earlier about attaching css, and have been reading so I'm beginning to get the idea, I think. So here's what I would need to do. I have about 100 different hyperlink buttons and want to...
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    Can ActionScripts contain CSS features?

    I am building a resource guide for a company that will be hundreds of companies. Each company will have a hyperlink to it's website.

    The the guide will have multiple sections with scrolling lists...
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    Scaling MC problem

    I'm using a horizontal Scrolling component that when a buttons are clicked it either moves forward or back, depending on the button. The component is labeled myBS.

    Each forward and back frame...
  16. Flash8 Scroller Component Jump to Specific Line

    Hi all

    Im working on a resource guide for a company. Part of the guide has a section on events. It is a list of events from January to December. As all other sections in the guide, Ive put...
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