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  1. timeline delay problem when publish App, exe but not in swf!!!

    I totally have no idea what's going on and really need some help. I created a game and everything is done now. My swf is fine, the movie clip that I use to be a background play nice on the...
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    How can I find my old post ?

    I have looked for my old post but couldn't find it. I tried to find a button to in my profile pageto search for my history but NO! also used the find search box on forum too. So Can you tell me how?...
  3. How can I hide/remove the tool bar ( the 3 buttons red,yellow,green) when open swf ?

    Hi there :} I tried to hide or remove the tool bar, the 3 buttons at the above of every window program u know? those red yellow green in Mac, because it looks bad when projecting my game on a big...
  4. For statement? and how can I make MC run in a time I want?

    Hi there,
    I have been doing a game scene where MC(target) will fall from the top to the bottom of the screen. I want to make these targets to be shot, each one will fall down as a loop until in a...
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    When using the attachMovie function you want to use removeMovieClip.


    me=_root.attachMovie("mcBall2","b"+cur,cur); //Your current attachment type

    ok... but if I don't use it, so what...
  6. Hey!... the first problem have been resolved now....

    Hey!... the first problem have been resolved now. :} with some help from my internet friend. Still, the MC stuck on the top left of the screen is annoying. Anyone knows how to fixed it?

    This is...
  7. I can't stop for loop mc and I don't know why my mc always be at the top left corner.

    Hi all,
    I really in a frustrated mood. I tried to figure it out all day long to finished my game. I'm making a game which has 2 levels; 3 scenes. And I ran into 2 problems. First, I can't stop my...
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