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  1. Website Development, ecommerce,

    Looking for website developement of an ecommerce site with quote generation abilities. The site needs to be expandable as inventory updates are created. The site will be approximately 50+ pages and...
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    Flash Website Update

    I have a website that was originally built in Flash with ActionScript 2. I need to have a few updates made to the text information which includes changing a few dynamic text links and also change...
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    PHP developer


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  4. Looking to create a similar website like www.mint.com in spanish.

    What I'm looking for, is to recreate the technology behind Mint.com, to create a similar service in Spanish for South America (Chile, Argentina, Peru).

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  5. Pay/Bonus Calculator Component (Quick Job / Engine Only Required)

    I am building a very customised PHP rostering project with a MySQL backend and need a small component built. For someone experienced in multidimensional arrays, it will probably only take as long as...
  6. animate my illustration website in flash using my artwork

    Hello I have a illustration I have done for a new website I want to open this week and I have several elements I would like to animate on this I would like to turn my illustration into a flash...
  7. HTML / CSS Developer (multiple small but ongoing projects)

    I have been taking on web development work as an extended service to some of my clients but I have come to the conclusion that I am pretty useless at it. Most of the work I have can be created by ...
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    HTML / CSS Pro needed

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  9. I need an experienced web developer to build an online community. This website will c

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  10. Growing Fashion Line in Los Angeles needs a new website FAST!

    Pleasure Doing Business is a quickly growing fashion line based in Los Angeles. We are looking to have a new website built and we need it done by Dec. 18th. Not looking for a run of the mill fashion...
  11. Bid for an API Integration between Virtuemart and e-conomic.no

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  12. Drupal developer, webmaster needed

    [LIST]website development with Drupal and the job of webmasteryour job is to finalize our site and create some new functions (for further information see our attached file).Application deadli ...
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    I'm an Intro. to PHP student. Just wonder if you could provide me with a solution for this:I'm kind of stuck in using cookie to set:1. 7 days expiration for each email address registered.2. with ......
  14. Flash Transition effects on UIloader AS3 or Another way to Dynamically load Images an

    I'm working on a flash project, in which I need to dynamically load images for a presentation. The images will change often, so they can not be embedded in flash. Currently I have the images load...
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    Javascript Forms

    Add a dynamic autocomplete popup selection box to an html form. Very similar to what is here http://www.bestmessenger.net/secure/fastform.html . To test, enter "1" in the "Pickup From:" fie ...

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    Javascript Help!

    The form located at http://www.bestmessenger.net/secure/fastform.html needs a little javascript editing.

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    Virtuemart Expert

    I am looking to hire long term Virtuemart expert with the following qualifications: 1. 3 - 4 years experience in Virtuemart. 2. 4 years experience in Joomla, and can handle and troubleshoot any pr...
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    Onsite SEO Expert

    I am looking to hire a long term onsite SEO expert with the following qualifications: 1. 4 years experience in Joomla. 2. 2 years experience building Joomla templates from scratch. 3. Thorough kn...
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    Ecommerce website

    Here you are our guidelines.[FONT=Verdana]We need an ecommerce website to sell elaborated printed photos. (similar to this teleadhesivo.com [URL]http://www.teleadhesivo.com/pr ...

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  20. PHP Flash Form Mail Problems need trouble shooting

    [LIST] I purchased a Flash Template with a mail form It include a PHP mail script It doesn't work, and the Flash Template developer won't support. He says it all works; it's my server's fault. ...
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    Simple Flash Game

    Looking for a flash game similar to: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/221520 Just looking to set up the fundamentals -- Artwork will be added at a later date... So just make use of "mock-up" ene...
  22. Multiple Barcode Scanners Simultaneously?

    Hi there, I wondered if anyone here may be of help to me as i'm struggling to find a solution. I'm looking for a scanner or a company which has some sort of API that can work with all models of ...
  23. Print section of web page - confirmation section

    Seeking someone to assist in printing only a section of our webpage-our confirmation section (the Itinerary tab). Please see http://www.gardnertravel.com/PADFWGP-Template.htm Can this be done with ...
  24. Promotional Homepage needed

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  25. Looking for a Java Script pro to help out on debug a google mapping application

    I have an application that is written in php and javascript. I need a Java Script pro to come in and help debug some browser issues. I can be reached on skype at jenonthego1

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