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  1. asdf


    Heres how:

    Pass it like this:

    "http://-path to swf-.swf?arrayname=index1,index2,index3,index4...index10"

    Then in flash, add a line:
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    lol I hope you saw that. simple mistake.

    (unless datebox is a parent movieclip of dateboxtx?)
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    Simple. See those crosshairs? The movie clips rotate about them. Go inside each movie clip, and move the graphic so that its oriented around its "crosshair".

    And then make the crosshairs overlap....
  4. [RESOLVED] [MX04] Passing an array through flashvars?

    Seems simple enough to me.

    Looking for something like this:

    http://-path to swf-.swf?bgarray=["image1.jpg","image2.jpg","image3.jpg"]

    where image1, 2, and 3 are in the same directory as...
  5. I am so sorry

    I'm quite sorry for necro'ing this 11 month old thread, but I truly believe it is the only thread publicly archived that shows how to get a correct position in a song at any time through action...
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    And you cant use wavs in flash <_<
  7. aasdf

    jaques, no matter how many times I applied your changes, the image just wouldnt load with those commands.

    Either way, the guy with the bull as an avatar's code works (for the reader's use),...
  8. *looks for sarcasm in above post.* I'm Sorry ...

    *looks for sarcasm in above post.*

    I'm Sorry

    Syntactical Error Please?
  9. asdf

    *sigh*... Well, I'm not here to advertise me or my site, can we Please get my flash working?

    I'm sure all 3 of you now have seen the syntax error in my above code, and this account has been...
  10. is that a deal? k. ...

    is that a deal? k.


    15kb = no images allowed? got it.

    *sighs* its true though, this site has SWAMPED servers. I wont help. *removes sig*.
  11. [MX04] Load external images, fade in on completion.

    loadee = new MovieClipLoader();
    ImageHolder._visible = false;
    loadee.load(bgfilename, ImageHolder);
    templistener = new Object();
    templistener.onLoadComplete = function() {
    ImageHolder._alpha =...
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    Problem with "Label" class

    My code:

    xlabel = new Label();
    xlabel.text = "x";

    Does not do anything at all <_<
  13. asdf

    Couldn't you just overlay a "window" so you only see what you want? extras on the side are only a problem if you are worried about it loading too slowly. I'd say just add a shape on a higher layer...
  14. sdfg


    it does >_> dam i feel stupid.

    its illogical, but it works :D. so "stop()" is actually more of "keep looping this frame"?! cool!

    EDIT: wait, no it doesnt >_> i did test it... i see...
  15. asdf

    i coulda done that myself >_> thats the simple stuff

    the problem i'm having is that its all on one frame! (games tend to be that way)

    so? how do i get the function to run rapidly, but not...
  16. Looping 1-framed Animated Actionscripted Background (starry)

    I was very surprised this wasnt asked before O.O i did my search

    Anyway heres my question - what would be the most efficient way (trying not to compromise on all the other things going on at the...
  17. asdf

    Ah! i have a question about that-

    because you dont state what the variable will be filled with before you fill it, it must take a small extra function to test for What you are filling it with, and...
  18. asdf

    Oh so when u assign a single "digit" of an array to a variable, the variable becomes a one unit array? i see!

    EDIT: correct the solution works. Thx u
  19. Math.pow not accepting my array values


    narray = [[.55], [.6], [.7], [.9], [1.125], [1.4], [1.75], [1.875], [5.5]];
    Nsum = 0;
    for (n=0; n<=narray.length-1; n++) {
    narrayn = narray[n];
    Nsum += Math.pow(narrayn, -1);
  20. *sigh* that was no good (too cumbersome to format...

    *sigh* that was no good (too cumbersome to format notepad file for broad range of users (me).), so i'm just editing the code (in array format) in notepad, then copy and pasting code into the program...
  21. Import .txt file as a array! (multidimensional)

    Ok- this is a program for self use, so i can just have the outside .txt file in the same folder as the .fla (i know this.)

    So- how to format the .txt file so that when i do this:

  22. asdf


    alright just in case anyone else here seees this, and has this problem...

    this is the answer:


    not ("scene 1",1)

    alright- I am no noob (well, maybe i am)-

    point being- i have a slight problem. I know how to use gotoandplay and all that jazz....

    But, for some reason it worketh not....

    I believe the...
  24. asdf,.. ignore this

    IGNORE ABOVE POST- I FOUND SYNTAX ERROR (lol i said it wasnt but it was)

    ahh wut the heck i'll post it in a new thread...
  25. asdf

    INCORRECT! (gah jk) neway

    having 1 problem - the "on release" - its not stopping the drag... its syntaxed right, and i debugged it, it's hitting the step at the right time...

    i think there's a...
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