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Thread: 3rd time asking.... IS THIS POSSIBLE???

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    OK, I want to know if I can do this...

    I have a .gif imagemap for a navigation bar in the top frame. Below in the main frame is the heading for whatever section they are under (NEWS, PRODUCTS, MUSIC, etc.). I want the heading to be able to animate itself to collapse the current heading and build up the new heading afterwards.

    How can I make HTML command Flash into doing something like this? I think it's probably impossible. I'm about to give up on this pipe dream, me thinks. For when someone is in NEWS and wants to go to PRODUCTS, I need HTML to jump to the portion of Flash where NEWS dissapears, but how do I tell it to jump to a different frame from there, depending on where they click?

    Any help's appreciated..


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    Yes, it is possible

    If you are using links. You'll need to name your different frames. Then, when you click on a link from the Flash movie, you can have the other frame change work accordingly. You'll use targets with your get URL command in flash.

    If your question is if the flash can be controlled via the HTML, the answer is yes and no. The swf can't be controlled directly per se, but you could always load different swf's on each page, which could be just as good, albeit inefficient.

    A site that does the latter of those options is Accenture. They don't bother with frames though.

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    I believe Flash movies can be controlled from within the browser using java script - more info can be found at the macromedia/dreamweaver site.

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