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Thread: exporting projector to video

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    I am trying to find a way to export a Flash Projector from the computer to 3/4 Beta. Making it into a Quicktime movie plays the Flash file at different speeds. As for tv mirroring from the screen, well, it looks terrible. I should probably add that I am using Flash 4 (though we have 5 as well if it matters) on a Mac. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Andrew Kessler

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    Yup. Unfortunately, Flash was designed for vector-based animation over the web - not for pushing out video...

    I know exactly what you mean about the QT or AVI exports - they look poor in quality and perform terrible.

    If it needs to be high quality, for a commercial or whatnot - look into recording as a live, real-time screen capture. I've had friends with AVIDs and stuff, record what they were doing (as they surfed the site, it was digitlly transfered to a HD) - and the quality was excellent. I'm surprised to hear you had worse luck with this...

    Good luck!


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