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Thread: DHTML menu with Flash button

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    Hi all,

    I have the following HTML link
    <A HREF="#"
    ONMOUSEOVER="popUp('elMenu1',event)" ONMOUSEOUT="popDown('elMenu1')">link</a>

    Which brings up a pop-up menu. I, in fact, want the menu to be triggered by a Flash button.

    What action do I ascribe to the button please.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You're using the HeirMenu Script, I've used it before at:
    Note: if you have a lot of categories in your menu, it can quadruple the load time on Mac browsers.
    I haven't done this, so this is just a guess. Since Flash adds a (") at the beginning and end of the URL, try inserting this truncated command into the Get URL dialog:
    #" ONMOUSEOVER="popUp('elMenu1',event)" ONMOUSEOUT="popDown('elMenu1')
    If that doesn't work another alternative might be:
    if you're just using a freestanding Flash button that's not in the middle of a big movie, maybe you can embed the Flash button in the place of the word "Link"

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