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Thread: I'm making a CD

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    to my knowledge, all you do is:
    Load Movie("foldername/movie.swf",1)
    where 1 is the level you want.

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    thanks. i'll try it.

    i've got another big trouble on this cd.
    i have a jpg sequence of an actor and "obviously" i never minded it could be a problem for flash to reproduce it.
    fact is the sequence is almost two minute long and even if i reduced the jpgs to the minimum it still has problems reproducing it. i already tryied with preloaders but it seems to be a matter of reproduction (maybe flash relys everything on the cpu). any suggestions?

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    whats your frame rate? Lower frame rate = less cpu drain = choppier sequence. What cpu are your running?. I'm having the same trouble with cd's, doing alpha tweens, both with script and motion, running a PII 266 (lots of ram - 192MB)
    but I figure my audience could likely have less than that...
    I even changed all my bitmaps to indexed png's (less colors), still slow as. The bottom line is, if audience wants to see multimedia content, audience buys better computer, not much else you can do...

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    sad to hear that.

    i run a k6 400mhz with 128 MB.
    the frame rate is 10 and i thought it was the low limit!

    i'm with you as regards the audience having to be more technologized but i'm afraid the producer of the cd will have something to say about it, since i assured i could do the all thing in flash!

    maybe it's time to direct to director?!?

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