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Thread: Charging for consultation?

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    Anyone every run into the situation where someone finds out you are a web designer and then tries to direct you to their site and asks you to give them tips and advice about it? I am not talking about friends, but rather people you may barely know. Do you charge for consultation or do you give advice freely?

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    If you are conversing with them, you are somewhat of a friend. Give them 15 minutes and a couple recommendations. At the end of the e-mail, propose more consulting and a fair price. This is a good opportunity to sell yourself, with free advice.


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    You could always advise them to join FK and pst their site on one of the site check forums. That way, they would be getting tips and bug checks from a few more people.

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    Flash is abused

    I am in Malaysia, and connection speed is basically 56k and I know that is the main connection speed around the world. And the internet is so changing that everyone that logs in spend about 5 seconds on a page and click what they are looking for.

    Besides technology such as gprs and 3g 4g or even 5g is coming, too bad for you europeans , that the handphone will be the next thing online.

    Flash merely use for presentation for cd publication or advertisement is fine, but to create a whole web project on flash and abusing it, thats pathetic.

    Balthaser online tool caters for dsl and above...how many people have dsl?

    PS: Think about the whole earth population and demographic

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