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Thread: [RESOLVED] Flash Forward 2000

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Flash Forward 2000

    Just a little post from the internet lounge here on the 6th floor of the Manhattan Center.

    Still pretty cool. RUN DMC TONIGHT !!!!!!

    Where the heck is Mark Fennel though!?!??!!

    HEY MARK, I am wearing a black and white plaid-like short sleeve shirt. Stocky white guy with a bald head.....

    Man. cant find anyone here.


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    I am hurting from open bar last night, retreating and hiding from sunlight in the hotel, ill be in around 3-4 today, I headed in thismorning, but it wasnt pretty!

    Ill be wearing a black leather jacket, black pants, grey top...

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    Hi keith Havent seen u yet!!!!were r u???

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    Slept in huh? You missed an EXCELLENT presentation by Hillman Curtis and Dornes (psycho movie flash guy). He deconstructed the psycho piece. It was great. I should have went home after that... because now....i am way too pissed off.

    Got a voice mail from my job at about 1pm. The project not due until next week.... is now due like Friday and they want comps complete by the AM.

    I had to leave during braingirl's presentation... which wasn't all that great anyway. i am not to fond of her style.

    anyway, hopefully i can at least make it back for tomorrow afternoon and the closings...

    Did you make any links yet? I am in the C's (obviously) and some peeps are trying to organoze... C'S UNITE!

    I found one of my links... oh well.

    As for RUN DMC... guess I can watch some old videos.
    I am so bummed out... oh well.

    Maybe I will be there... who knows. You know what time they are performing? I wish I could bring a guest.


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    Hillman Curtis???!!! OH WOW, wow,,,,,,wooooooooooooow...yeah..i don't like baringirl either...if you wanna see it go to http://www.rsub.com and click the rsubox thingie and search for braingirl...show isn't that grat..but i have an email hosted there well, it sounds like FUN NOW.

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