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Thread: How do I snap objects on my drag-n-drop puzzle?

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    I made a puzzle that works great. Only, I cannot find any resources on how to make the objects snap in my movie. This is hopefully a simple oversight in the actionscript code but I cannnot find the answer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Nothing left out of the code that would be needed for
    snapping puzzle parts into place.

    Since I can't see your code, this logic has the puzzle parts
    being dropped onto objects that will have the same x,y and rotation
    properties as the puzzle parts.

    When you drop the puzzel part, have the script check to see if
    the part has dropped onto the proper object and also check if it
    is within set limits to the x,y cords. and if it is then set the
    x,y and rotation property of the dropped piece to the drop target
    x,y and rotation.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your reply. Sorry about leaving out the code. On my MC I have:

    on (press) {
    startDrag ("");
    on (release) {
    stopDrag ();

    That's all I have for the MC. It works fine with drag and drop, I guess I just need to get the x,y concept down. Will you tell me where to input x,y code or do you know of a tutorial of the top of your head I can go to?

    Thanks again for your reply.

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    There is a great book that I have Macromedia Flash Advanced that clearly explains this kind of thing. The author is Russell Chunn Check out the info around page 192 This will answer your questions. The book is the Visual QuickPro Series.

    Hope this helps you even more!!

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    Thanks for the direction. I'll get the book!

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    I'm with a problem that's very close to yours, I even posted a thread too.....

    But I think (think, think) I have the solution for your problem. If I understood it, y want your MC to be dragged, then, once they are in the right place, they can´t be moved anymore, right?
    I made a MC, with a button in the 1° frame, and a static graphic in the 2°, at the same location n equal to the button. 1° frame =

    Set Variable: "OrigemX" = GetProperty ("",_x)
    Set Variable: "OrigemY" = GetProperty ("",_y)

    2° frame is = Stop

    Then at the button, the folowing code

    On (Press)
    Start Drag (GetProperty(_x, _y))
    // stores the x n y coordinates values
    End On
    On (Release)
    Stop Drag
    If (_droptarget eq "/olhos")
    // name of the target area, a MC with a graphic with one frame, positioned at the scene, no actions.
    Go to Next Frame
    // then the MC goes to that frame wich has the graphic, remenber, placed at the same spot.
    Set Property ("", Y Position) = OrigemY
    Set Property ("", X Position) = OrigemX
    // if the MC wasn´t dropped at the correct target area, it goes back to the place it was before
    End If
    End On

    Hope I've helped y.

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