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Thread: I have been using FLASH for just plain ol' illustration.....what do u think?

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    I have been using flash4 for plain old illustration...not even animation so much anymore....( flash 4 ..because flash 5 drawing tools are all messed up)

    please, any input would be helpful.....hate it? REALLY think it sucks?

    Im curious....


    99% of the art is drawn in flash 4....

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    Love the little cow critter, your clean line's and the fact you have resisted the temptation of gradiants. vey cool Did you ever try drawing in Freehand and importing into flash to colour? Much fun.

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    I use the wacom tablet and paint brush tool in Flash 4......I never use gradients...they look crappy i think....if I want to shade something, I select an area, choose " paint only selected" and start to shade, slowly moving the sliding bar on the color window to get darker....
    ( cant do this in flash 5), I was sooooo upset with how they changed flash 5's drawing tools......I still draw in 4, then open the file in 5 when all the drawing is done.....

    thanks for the kind words....

    I drew a new pic yesterday in flash 4.....the girl with the blue background.....


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    Using flash4 for plain illustration????
    OH! Me,too! I'm using it instead of Adobe Illustrator which
    I have and I can't use it at all.
    I thought that I was the only one to do that.
    Your illustrations are so nice&interesting!
    and I love the colors you put.

    Last week I made my cliant's logo in Flash.
    If you have time,check it

    It's for Lady's fashion shop.

    See you


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    me too use flash for drawing, but dont restrict to just as a drawing tool. I think you should explore flash more.
    I feel flash 5 is more cool than 4 .. you just have to start working on it.


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    hey just forgot to mention! i looooooooved your illustrations and the colors you used.


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