well... the site is a bit slow. i'm on a cable-line, but there are much more 28/33k's out there than we. i also do some webmasterin, so the ideas here are more practical stuff. i would suggest to
1. make the 'add to myFK' buttons graphic-only, as each flash button consumes some more memory than a standart gif.
2. also it would be a good idea to make a javascript (or much better xml) shopping-cart like myFK. each time i pres sonto myFK button, i wait for the other page to load. instead there could be a small box anywhere on the page (maybe at the corners), which shows the last 4-5 items added as small-font'ed TEXT-list. There could be a button on this shopping-cart, where you just click a button to submit the recently collected list to myFK area (check-out). in this way to get some files to myFK and then to DL them you have to view 5 pages instead of 9 (2 for each file, 1 for DL) for 4 files and DL them also.
3. registered users could spend a 5-10$ for one time to remove only the banners and external footer-links. this way, you could earn a pretty 'mount of money. if you ask them to pay a monthly fee, no one would be int'rested, as the net should be free for everyone. but to get some deluxe-favour, you could give them a faster page-loading for soem bucks. no one really cares 'bout 5$. but a higher price would drive people off. colelcting pennies is far easier than collecting $s.
4. to get the whole site off-line is also a good reason to pay some more. maybe a 20-30$. just to help you pay your bills, hehe.
5. distributing the servers orund the world (usa, europe, asia and australia) is also a good idea. this way foreign users like me can directly connect to the flashkit.uk or flashkit.jp. this way, eliminating the long-distance conenctions over many routers'n backbones, you could get more bandwidth.
well, that's all folkz. you 'r doin' a great job. i know that it's not very easy to work on this job, but you made a very good thing. tnx a lot.