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Thread: Opening pdf in projector.

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    i am trying to open a PDF of a catalog inside my projector file but it keeps opening in the web browser rather than in acrobat, please help. I have acrobat aplication on the cd also. Just not sure what i need to do in terms of scripting.

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    Well before someone starts to sell you anything

    You have to use the following to open a file by association
    A. .bat or command.com command..
    B. A third party app

    Here's my tutorial for use with my freeware app http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Dy...09/index.shtml

    You can find command.com info and .bat info here with the search feature on the board.. or under Tutorials, Projectors

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    Are you trying to open the PDF actually in the Flash movie?

    Or do you mean that you are trying to simply launch the Acrobat reader independent of a browser?

    If it's the second issue - look at using the FSCommand instead of GetURL.

    on (release) {
    fscommand ("exec", "catalogue.pdf");

    BUT... keep these things in mind:

    1. It will open the PDF in the application that the machine has set to open PDF's.

    2. If you are running this off of CD - you could ruin into problems of local vs. temp files.... check some of the past message strings to learn more.


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    first off, thanks for the input guys. What i am trying to do is open a pdf in an acrobat reader which is inderpendent from the flash movie but not installed on the machine. I was to have an acrobat reader on the cd which will open the pdf document. I have an example cd to do this from but all it is useful for, is telling me exactly what my client wants i couldnt get into the swf and look at code. I tried but it didnt make much sense to me. Someone suggested that i could do this with jugglor, so i might try that. hehe dont worry master im not buying it. Im gonna look at your tutorial too. Isnt is screwwy how as a webdeveloper it always seems like every client needs things done at the same times. I always have these nice slow weeks then i get bombarded with jobs all on the same day!

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