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Thread: setProperty - I Can't unless it is the whole movie!

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    I am using the set property feature but am having some trouble. On a button in my movie, I have the following actionscript code:

    on (rollOver) {
    setProperty (_root.mc1, _alpha, 50);

    Now, also in the same frame in the mainmovie, stopped, I have a movie clip instance named mc1. However, when I go to control/test movie to give it a try, I run my mouse over the button but everything goes to 50% alpha, including the background which is on a different layer. Please help if possible.

    Thank You Flash Guru's,

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    This looks fine!
    I'd go through and check the naming of the movie clips.
    Are you trying this in a complicated working movie or
    a stripped down test movie?
    Try a test movie using the same naming protocals.

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