This is what realy drives me mad:

this is the PacMan game listed in the top100 movies with a score 9.5. The real trought is that this game belongs to one of the greatest Flash Scripters mr. Francesco Pastore. The 2 guys simply changed the front page and published the game as theirs. I did not see any credits given to the the one who scripted it...dont trust me look in the code and tell me why tunisian programmer will bother to write a code in Italian/Spanish.
The same thing is happaning with the game Invaders submited again as open source from the tunisian designers with front page changed the script again belongs to mr. Pastore.
Both games PacMan and Invaders were submited about 1y ago to the FlashPlanet as open source fla. Now when I looked closer the above game says at the front page Created by:

If they think that will go unnoticed they are wrong..Ill ask Mark Fenell to put down thouse 2 games...FlashKit will never encourege stuff like this..


PS I realy wish to know mr. Pastore he is great.
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