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Thread: Incremental rotation of an MC by a button

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    With Flash 4 using Actionscript I am trying to control the rotation of a static one frame movie clip in a scene by clicking on a button. I have the MC moving left, right, up and down in 10 pixel increments with four buttons, but I need to make it rotate with a rotation button that is repeatedly clicked to move the MC through 360 degrees in 10 degree increments. I have assumed that the variable of rotation is degrees, but I can't get it to work. Can someone please help me?

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    here is how to do it
    On (Release)
    Set Variable: "/:toAdd" = 10
    Set Property ("/yourMovieClip", Rotation) = GetProperty ( "/yourMovieClip", _rotation ) + /:toAdd
    End On
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    it's the incredible shrinking movie clip!


    I did a movie recently where I set up the rotation that exact way. I was also simultaneously changing the x and y position based on where a user had dropped the object after a drag.

    I ran into a problem, though - whenever I put the rotation snippet in, the mc in question reduced in size as it rotated. I couldn't pinpoint why, exactly, but I did end up changing the code so that it didn't get the current rotation property. Instead, I just set up a rotation variable and set the rotation to that, like this:

    Set Variable: "/:myRotation" = /:myRotation + 10
    Set Property ("/yourMovieClip", Rotation) = /:myRotation

    It stopped the mc from "shrinking".

    There may very well have been elements in my movie that caused this reaction outside of the rotation code (and therefore won't happen in yours), but I just wanted to post this in case you run into the same problem.


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