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    OK, I may not be quite a newbie, but when it comes to this, I sure feel like one. I'm on PC. I understand that to distribute a projector file readable to Macs, I need to convert the Mac projector file I created (*.hqx) from its initial exported form to an application file that a Mac can read. Yeah, I know it's easy to do on a Mac, but how can I do that on a PC?!?!?!? Is there a program ANYWHERE out there??Or do I have to buy a cheap Mac just to convert these files? HELP!!!! (please)


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    i'm on a mac, and i'm not sure exactly what your problem is, but i'll export it as a projector for you if you want. send me .fla! mollybd@yahoo.com

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    DO TELL!!! I have the same problem!

    So, was it successful? Were you able to convert the .fla?
    Oh, DOO TELL!

    I have the same problem. I'm on a PC and am creating a CD that has to run on both Mac and PC.

    I can export my .fla to an .hqx, but it has to be run through a Mac to actually 'convert' before it can be placed on a CD....or something like that. What gives?


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    ::Sigh:: the mac-pc war. Confusing isnt it
    Oh well

    Much monkey love,

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    i had this a while ago, and i think this is one of the answers

    when you publish the swf as hqx and burn it on to the cd you have to get the end user to run the file through "stuffit" or any other mac decompressor to generate the projector file. then it will run as normal, but as for being able to burn an autorun presentation for mac on a pc, no known way - if anyone has one please pass it on

    peace and love


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    Hi All,

    Just a refresher, I am a PC user and got the following info from another thread.

    Ok, sounds like the .hqx has to be 'decompressed' on a Mac before it will work properly. Ok, fine. If you don't own a Mac you would think that your up the creek.

    THIS WILL MAKE YOUR DAY!!! It sure made mine!!!

    Its called CDEveryWhere. SOUNDS LIKE (don't quote me on this) it will do the decompressing and prepare the file to be burned to the CD. I am downloding it now. I heard it worked. So I will let you know as soon as I find out.


    Other thread info on this subject:



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    ok, I work on both Mac and PC platforms. Let me explain projector file dillema.

    1. projectors made in Mac only works on Mac computers
    2. projectors made in PC only work on PC's
    3. If you burn them in a cd, you'll have to burn both

    it's that simple.
    no need for alladin expander or winzip, unless you compress the files. But you can burn them in a cd and work perfectly without any hassle. Just remember: one for mac, one for PC.

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    Re: waitaminit.

    Ok, sounds simple enough. I'll bite.

    I'm on a PC.

    I publish my .fla to a Mac projector

    When I go look in Windows Explorer at the file (I don't open it, just view properties) it has the file type of "WinZip File".

    I burn the file to a CD. Bring it to a Mac and the Mac doesn't know what to do with it. I can see the file that I want to run, but it asks what it should open it with.

    I sure appreciate your feedback, but it does not solve my issue. Either I missed a step or the Mac is missing a program. Which one?

    Any ideas?

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    one more time...


    Let me repeat.

    You need two computers: a mac, and a pc

    You also need the swf file you're going to make a projector of:

    example: toons.swf

    1. open toons.swf on the mac flash player and create a projector. Ta-dah... you got a projector for the macintosh that only a mac can read and not a PC!!! okhay?

    2. open toons.swf on the pc flash player and create a projector. ta-dah...you got a projector for PC that will never work on a mac. got it?

    3. You need to create the mac projector file on a mac and the pc projector file on pc. which means you'll need the two platforms.

    4. a projector file is a stand alone application...which means you don't need the flash plug-in to view it. The projector file also increases in size. You need to compress the file if you want to distribute it on the net. Use alladin stuffit deluxe to compress the mac projector and winzip to compress the pc projector.

    just remember... the mac projector only works on mac and the pc projector only works on pc's...

    but if it is an swf file you can open it on both platforms as long as the computer has the flash plug-in.

    got it?

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    Re: one more time...

    First off, we appreciate any information but none of us need sarcasm. We are frustrated enough!

    And second, "TA DAH" I don't have a MAC.

    Our question boils down to this:

    Is there software (or something) out there for Windows users to take care of the Mac files without having 2 machines.

    I am sure all of us asking this question can't possibly be the only ones in the world who don't have the luxury of having two machines sitting in front of them.


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    Well, since I started this thread, I guess it's time to jump in.
    Coopster has got it right...we don't have two computers (well, actually I have three, but none of them are Mac).Now,just a question for reinardian...you got two computers, you got two files, do you have two CD burners? Do you transfer the PC file to the Mac for burning, or Vice-versa? Can you embed the swf (mac) file into an HTML page for distribution? (Remember, we're not talking Net here, we're talking CD only)

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    sorry for the sarcasm

    yeah. I have two computers, one mac and one pc.

    i only have 1 cd writer - and it's connected to the MAC.

    i don't know if there's any program that can make a projector for both mac and pc.

    since i only have a buner for the mac, I burn files using the mac. The projector i created from PC looks like a funny icon when placed in the Mac because it can't read the thing. However, the Mac can read the flash projector created in Mac.

    I use adaptec toast to burn cds and i set the setting to ISO 9000something so that the PC can read it too.

    Once I burned the files it's time for a test drive...

    I inserted the disk to PC and it reads the projector file made in PC, but can't read the one made in MAC.

    One thing to remember when burning files in MAC in order to be read by PC is by adding extensions at the end like .swf, or .jpg, or .gif

    Final word: It takes two computers to create a projector for MAC and PC, that's the only method I know, I'd be happy if there's a program that can pull off the same stunt.

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    Yes, you can also embed the swf in html for distribution. The only problem is, the end user must have IE browser to read it, and you also place the contents in one folder and you have to label the HTML where they can start the dang thing.

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    Lightbulb Here's my story if it helps...

    I'm doing the same thing, but I do have access to a Mac at my school. Flash 5 does create an .HQX file, which as far as I can tell is simply a compressed Mac Archive (like .ZIP for PCs). If I take that .HQX file over to any Macintosh and double-click it, the file automatically extracts a Mac executable Flash 5 Projector file that runs 100% correctly on the Mac OS.

    My hope is that I can now take that Mac executable file, place it on my PC hard drive, and burn an ISO9000 CD.

    I wonder if there are any programs out there that will read and extract a .HQX file correctly on a PC. Afterall, WinZip doesn't work with .ARJ unless you download the DOS version and stick it in the WinZip directory.

    If there is no such thing, then you guys will have to goto Kinko's, a Public Library, or a University that will let you extract your .HQX file on a Mac.

    Good Luck!


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    Good news all you Windows users.

    You DO NOT need a Mac to burn a CD for both platforms.

    You can do it right from your Windows PC. Yes, this includes 'extracting' that pesky .hqx file. Here's the solution:

    STEP 1) Download CDEveryWhere

    (I have the Professional Version)
    See product infomation for the version you need (the demo, I believe is the Professional Version price range to purchase runs $39.95 - $295.95)

    STEP 2) Publish your .fla's to Mac Projector (.hqx) from your Windows machine (publish your Windows projectors, too, or whatever else you are going to put on this CD.)

    STEP 3) Open CDEveryWhere

    -- Find the files you want to put on your CD
    -- Drag them to All Platforms (I did it this way so I could "see" all the files in my folders - to make sure it worked - if you drag the .hqx to the "Macintosh" tab and not the "All Platforms" tab, only Macintosh machines will see that file. So when you check the CD on your Windows machine, you will only see Windows files. The rest are not visible.

    (I HIGHLY recommend viewing "Help/Contents" before using. I am only going to cover what I did, so if you want to know more, read the Help Text. Its fast reading and well organized. It will also give you a better understanding of how these files work and what happens to them.)

    STEP 4) Ya want AutoRuns for both? NO PROBLEM!
    -- Go into the "Platform" tab and check "Enable" for Windows and Mac.
    -- Select the file you wish to have open on the autorun.
    (Some Mac's have the auto run function disabled, the auto run that CDEveryWhere creates may not work. The Mac user will just have to open the file normally.)

    STEP 5) Also on the "Platform" tab under Macintosh (HFS)
    -- Select Advanced Options.
    -- Then select the "Decoding" tab.
    -- Make sure that the File Pattern "*.hqx" has the Decoding Type of "BinHex" (Click OK)

    NOTE: I have each selected (Standard CDROM, Microsoft Windows (Joliet), Unix (Rock Ridge), and Macintosh (HFS)

    STEP 6) You are ready to create the CD image. (CDEveryWhere only prepares the file for burning. It does not actually burn the CD)
    -- Click on the CD icon at the top or select "Image/Create" from the menu.

    It will save to a default folder named "My CDEW Documents" unless you specify a different folder. Type in the name you want to call your file and click (save or ok - cant remember the button)

    CDEveryWhere has created a "image file" for your CD which includes the decoded or extracted Mac version. So now, all you have to do is burn the CD.

    STEP 7) Put in your BLANK CD-R (you can only use a new CD. Burning from a "CD Image" can only burn on the 1st session of the CD)

    STEP 8) Open Adaptec Easy CD Creator. (I have ver 3.5c) - ***If you don't have Adaptec software, go to http://www.cdeverywhere.com/download.shtml for links to other supported cd recording software***
    -- Select "File/Create CD From Disc Image"
    -- Select files of type "ISO Image Files (*.iso)" and then select the CD image file that you created in step
    -- Click Open

    The window will pop up asking what speed to burn and the test/create options. (Since my burner is flaky, I have to select 1x 150 KB/sec. and Test and create CD.)
    -- Click OK.

    STEP 9) Your Done. Now go test it out at your buddies house, library, or make arrangements at a local school.

    I apologize if I have missed any steps. For more information on what else CDEveryWhere can do or won't do for you, go to the Web site. http://www.cdeverywhere.com/ or read the Help Text and Tips, etc after you install it.

    I hope this helps!

    [Edited by coopster on 04-11-2001 at 03:22 PM]

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    Coopster, you're the best! Many, many thanks for the info. You've saved my bacon. I'm ordering now.


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    You are SO welcome!

    You are SO welcome! This program saved my bacon as well!!! Glad I could help end this awful confusion. Oh, and it DOES work! I don't think I mentioned it before, but I have successfully burned CD's that did indeed work on both Mac and PC.

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    Post Small differences between Mac and PC files

    Hi there,
    CDEveryWhere works fine when you don´t have access to a Mac. This little program solved a big problem for most of us.

    By the way, there are small differences between Mac and PC files.
    - The PC files use extensions to tell Windows what kind of file it is, and what application to use to open it, assuming you have an application capable.
    - On the other hand, Mac files don´t have extensions. They use an extra file (hidden) called a resource fork. This file contains information about the application who created the file and some other stuff. That´s why you just can´t copy a projector.hqx file created on a PC and expect to work easily on a Mac. You need an extra application to create the resource fork. The easy way to do this, is to open a web browser in a Mac, then drag and drop the projector.hqx to the browser, and it will automatically uncompress and create the fork, and store it in the hard drive of the Mac.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yee Ha!

    It works. Anyone trying to burn a cd to run an autorun flash projector on a PC and a Mac and you only have a PC, http://www.cdeverywhere.com/Product.shtml is the answer.

    Thanks Coopster

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