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Thread: Scaling in a masking layer with actionscript

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    I'm trying to scale a movie clip in a mask layer through action script. The movie clip scales - I can tell if I have it a normal layer, but when it's a mask layer, it doesn't appear to make any difference on what's on the masked layer beneath it. Is it not possible to do this or am I just screwing something up (not at all unlikely)?

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    Nope, you can't touch a mask with actionscript. There are tutorials about moving a mask with the mouse, but that actually involves moving the masked item, not the mask. Like the various magnifying-glass examples out there.

    hmm...maybe if you scaled the whole movie-clip, but for every point you scaled the movie clip up, you scaled the masked movie down? By doing that, it would appear that the mask was increasing in size, while actually, you were just scaling 2 other movie clips in different directions and one just happens to be masked...hmm...

    well, that's all my musing on the subject. Someone else will probably be able to help better.


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    That sucks :(

    You would think you'd be able to... that really puts a damper on what I'm trying to do. I guess I'll give your idea a shot - scale what's underneath the masking layer down, and scale the whole thing up so it gives the appearance of having the masking layer change... hope it doesn't have any unwanted side effects.

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    Yup...it sucks

    Not being able to use actions scripts in mask is unexcusable!

    Is this matter resolved in Flash 5?

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