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Thread: Flash movie size for the web ?

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    What is the ideal movie size for the web? I'm planning on doing an entire web site in flash so I'm looking for something that's somewhat fast loading. I know file sizes has a lot to do with it but I don't know if full screen is the way to go?

    Please help.

    From the Bluesman

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    Well, file size isn't necessarily the issue, as long as the movie loads quickly. You can use smart design by starting with some simple animation, and then allowing the rest of your movie to load in the background

    http://www.xdude.com is the master at this. His movie is like 4 minutes long, but it loads immediately.

    However, if you don't want to strain your brain to employ some smart design, try to get your Flash movie to be between 100k-200k, although I like to keep them under 100k, because nobody likes to wait for a movie to load.

    As for using full screen - don't, plain and simple. Users hate to loose control, and when a Flash movie voluntarily expands your screen, it ticks people off...

    Good luck!

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