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Thread: Search engines not finding sites with flash?

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    I am trying to convince a company that flash is definitely something to use in a static website that needs flavor.
    One of the arguments was that flash keeps search engines from finding the website.
    was this an issue in the past and was resolved, or is true.
    I really need to know.

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    doesnt have to be an issue.

    Search engine optimisation is an art in its self. Your best be is to talk to a comoany how specialisies in it.

    try http://www.webgravity.com ... they have a clever way of optimising sites. In simples terms ...They get a series of keywords and phrases from you, an then register a microsite, hosted by themselves with those phrases. This microsite is then registered with the engines. The site has an auto-redirect that moves the user to your site.

    Its true that Flash sites can be read by Search Engines, but there are ways arounds it, and I'd aslo be a bit concerned if your clients were considering the search engines as their primary source of traffic.

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    well...as for me i am an Flash adict and donot wish to hear even a single thing bad bout it!

    but even i heard(our college had a competion) that search engines cannot find flash......well it may be true....
    but i found out a way ( not sure but it should work according to the logic)
    if some one is really desperate...for search engines to find the flash site....what can be done is break the movie into diff .SWF files and put them in diff html files, and then also put META tags in each HTML which has SWF, and ofcourse link the SWF...to make a complete site......
    this is what i think.....

    Any one has comments on this plz tell me........if i am wroing or right? or any other solution!!

    and convince them to make a flash site!!!

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    try using an html page as your index with all teaxt, images with alt tags , keywords etc.

    On theis index page put a javascript forwarder so that it immediately forwards to your real homepage

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