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Thread: please improve Swift 3D !!important rewiev!!!

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    Hi everybody

    I must say vectoral 3d is a must while working with flash but swiff 3D is quite primitive!
    1-Swf export Optimization is realy bad! must improve
    2-program lightning must improve .
    3-Rendering lasts too long.
    4-Final quality is below expectations
    5-So it becomes useless

    thats why i am still unable to work with this program i think i bought a garbage unless it will improve...

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    I am really sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the program. We offer a money back guarantee, so if the program is not what you thought it would be, I suggest you take advantage of that. We certainly don't want anyone out there thinking that we sold them garbage.

    You might want to check out a couple of sites done with Swift 3D to see what it is capable of:
    http://www.wackedusa.com/dod3 - Flash Film Festival finalist

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    I have both the Vecta3D-MAX plug-in and Swift 3D. I would have to say that my experience and review is just the opposite of yours. That experience includes rendering over 700 models with Vecta3D-MAX and working on over a dozen projects using Swift3D.

    Can we focus on a specific example? How are you creating your scene? Are you importing .ai or .eps? Are you working with a .3DS file? Are you comparing the same shading options in Swift and Vecta with regard to export? Are you working with the Vecta3d-MAX plug-in or standalone product?

    Could you post an example with a side-by-side comparison of the Vecta/Swift renders, including file size comparison, shading options used, render time, etc. along with a pointer to the data used to create the scene (.3DS file, for example).


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    Hi DK;
    I am really enjoyed http://www.wackedusa.com/dod3 thanx
    great site
    Ok let me explain more;
    I didnot compare your software with vecta products
    the fact is that optimization can be improved thats may be becauseof polygon numbers.
    when i create a simple object with swiff 3d, ex: its 10K
    when i create the same object with flash itself its 3K
    i mean the problem is render time and optimization, this is what we need in this industry...
    I use lightwave for my 3d animations and export as bitmap and than optimize them , and finally i import them to Flash.
    so i still use the old way
    I will keep swiff3d cause i am sure an update will come. actuelly i buy whole of flash tech products such as swiff tools, screenweaver, *********** progs...etc
    as a consumer of this industry i hope vectoral 3d rendering will improve....

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    If you want to do hand fills just use the outlines. This will give you the animation and the lowest possible amount of surfaces. You could even just do flat fills and then hand fill again if you want gradients. Either way you get a better product than vecta because the animation trac still comes in from 3D Studio Max. You can animate in Swift with ease, somthing you cant do in vecta. So instead of drawing by hand start using the flat fills or the outlines to get your file size down where it should be. Regards, Bill

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    Swift 3D version 2 will be out early next year. You can expect to see some nice improvements and a very speedy new Ravix rendering engine

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    Naturally it must say sure you have not twisted,now the performances are limited.
    However with the fantasy and the acquaintance of the matter you can execute things a lot good.
    The important thing is to apply and NO to lose time to criticize excessive.


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