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Thread: problem with swapping menus

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    Hi all,

    On this site:

    I've got menus which appear when the mouse goes over the buttons.

    The idea is that when menus are swapped the previous one retracts then the new one expands.

    This works ok, except when the mouse is moved quickly between buttons, in which case more than one menu appears at the same time.

    This is the action script I've got on the "about" button:

    on (rollOver) {

    tellTarget ("about_menu") {
    gotoAndPlay (12);

    if ((aps_menu._currentframe) == 20) {
    tellTarget ("aps_menu") {
    gotoAndPlay (21);
    if ((ed_menu._currentframe) == 20) {
    tellTarget ("ed_menu") {
    gotoAndPlay (21);
    if ((new_menu._currentframe) == 20) {
    tellTarget ("new_menu") {
    gotoAndPlay (21);

    How can I correct this problem please.

    Kind regards,

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    to create a pulldown menus i use this kind of method....

    say there is 4 menu...A,B,C,D

    when user move over A..it expand and if user move it to B..
    B tells A,C,D to go first frame then B expand, but if user just leave the menu without move over another button the current button retract...this is same for all button.

    this have its own limitation if you move from one button to another it just vanish immediately...but it wont leave 'opened' menus behind...so the result is clean.

    its up to you!!

    ps: sorry for my english...i hope u can understand what i mean

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