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Thread: QuickTime - Exported flash (.mov) in Windows, need to play on a Mac also. Need info!

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    I have a standalone Flash projector(developed on a Windows PC) that I will be placing on a CD for distribution amoung Window and Mac users.

    I would like to be able to have the user put the cd in the tray and have it auto run on either platform.

    I have the autorun for the Windows version working just fine. (phew) BUT, since I am not a Mac guru, I don't quite understand the whole .hqx thing. so I am wondering if I can place an autorun for the mac users that will open the Flash ".mov" that I export.

    More questions:

    1. I would like to put the QuickTime player on the CD for those using a Mac, but not connected to the internet. Where can I get info to do that?

    2. Licensing. Do I need a QuickTime license to put the player on the CD. (I have looked on the QuickTime web site, (http://www.quicktime.com) but cannot seem to find what I am looking for.)

    3. QuickTime script, or Apple Script, or something that operates like a windows 'autorun'

    4. Script that checks if user is on a Win or Mac, and if on a Mac, check for QuickTime, if user does not have QuickTime, load (or run) from player off of CD. Or, is that even necessary. Will the machines "know" what to run?

    Thanks SO much for any information you could send my way. It is greatly appreciated!

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    maybe this will help a bit (for the autorun on MAC):

    1. and 2. Quicktime licensing:
    (Software Licensing Link)

    3. No way, as far as I know

    4. You can start AppleScripts from within SWFs, but I don´t know if AppleScript can check for Quicktime.


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    Thanks a bunch!
    I'll go check it out. You're a lifesaver! If I find anything else or this gets solved, I'll be sure to post. I am sure I am not the only one in the world who wants to do this...

    Ran across this last night. Its the direct link to the licensing info for QuickTime:

    Currently I am downloading CDEverywhere (I hope this works) maybe I won't need to worry about Quick Time after all.

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    Hi, hope this clears things up;

    -To autorun an app on the mac you just specify that file as the one to start in Toast (cd burning software) when you're burning the CD. I don't know if cdeverywhere can do this, but seeing as pc's can't recognise mac volumes, I doubt it.

    -Quicktime is part of the system software, so it'll be installed on every mac (unless purposefully uninstalled) you put the cd in.

    -Mac files/apps generally don't have suffixes, except when the internet is involved; .hqx files are a form of encoding that maintains the special charateristics of some mac files when they're posted on the net.

    -you don't need quicktime to run Flash, if it's a mac flash projector it''ll run standalone otherwise you can include the flash installer on the cd, you only need quicktime if you're incuding video...

    anything else, i'll be happy to help

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    Wow, forgot about this tread!

    Thanks for the response! I have asked so many questions lately, I forgot about this one.

    Problem is solved. I used CDEveryWhere. It worked like a charm! Before I loaded it, I was uncertain as to how the Mac's would access this Flash movie. QuickTime seemed to be my only hope if I wasn't able to find a way to decompress my .hqx file (since I only have PC's).

    Well, CDEveryWhere solved it all. I now have two projector files on my CD. One for the Mac, and one for the PC. CDEveryWhere decompresses the .hqx file and makes an "CD Image" ready to burn to your CD.

    Thanks everyone for the help. I hope this helps someone also.

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