Hey all - I have a pretty big web design job that unforunitly i can not handle at this point and time by myself. It is a design for a ex-NBA basketball star and he is setting up a charity type of website. The site i am doing for him is free of charge but since i can not possibly do it myself and have it done by March 15th I am asking/looking for help.

In return i will be able to pay a fee (won't be hundreds of dollars but i will come up with something) along with other perks such as free lifetime web hosting, unlimited advertising funds on my search engine and some other banner spots i can offer.

I know it's alot but I am looking for an experienced designer who knows Flash and can really do this job asap. We are using a template from templatemonster.com which i already purchased and have so it just needs to be fully customized and setup. I prefer to have someone who is a little older and I can depend and rely on as last time i made a similiar offer with another site i got burned and the person disappeared on me.

Please send me a PM or email ( epic1231@aaforum.net ) and we can go from there.. As i said there is a deadline of March 15th - and all this site is a flash template that needs to be customized to our needs.

Advertising for the site when it's finished will be done on ESPN and ESPN.com so future web design projects will all be refrered to you through us - so this is a big opportunity for everyone involved, that is why we are looking for someone who is a good, honest and hard working person.

Thanks in advance,