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Thread: Flash & Netscape 6

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    Flash & Netscape 6 (Major Probs)

    I am having major problems with Netscape 6. All the previous code I have written for submiting variables to asp pages with Flash does not work.

    It is very strage, when using the POST method Netscape 6 will not grab the vars at all, when using the GET method with Netscape 6 (and posting info to a database, not just selecting) the data gets posted twice everytime. Everything works great in previous versions of Netscape.

    I have had about 7 other designers test thier code and they get the exact same problems...so I figured it was not just a problem with my code in particular.

    Any help or insights would be GREATLY appreciated.

    I am pulling my hair out as i write this, ERRRRRR.

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    Just moving this up to the top... Any ideas? Anyone?

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    it's not just you, murray

    Netscape 6 has all kinds of Macromedia issues. If you go to http://www.macromedia.com/support/ and search "Netscape 6", you can read all about how very useless the two are together...to start you off:

    The Netscape 6 browser has unique issues that require special attention for Flash developers. The Netscape browsers have been fully rewritten, causing some changes to functionality. Macromedia and Netscape are working to resolve these known issues, listed in this document.

    Script Communication

    Attempts to send JavaScript commands with FSCommand actions will not work, nor will attempts to control the Flash Player with JavaScript. For more information, refer to FSCommand problems in Netscape 6 and Mozilla (TechNote 14625).

    Backspace in Text Field navigates to previous page

    Use of the Backspace key when an Input Text Field is active sends the browser window to the previous page instead of deleting a character.

    Note: An Input Text Field is active when the field contains a blinking I-Beam cursor.

    Input Text Fields on Macintosh

    The browser does not allow entry of text into Input Text Fields on a Macintosh.

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