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Thread: finishing a loop before changing scene

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    I have a scene with a looping animation and a button which on press moves on to a new scene. how can I ensure the looping animation finishes its current loop before moving on to the next scene? (and doesn't just jump to the new scene mid loop?)

    any tips appreciated


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    To finish playing a movie after a button has been clicked :

    On the button use the script

    On (Release)
    Set Variable: "/:gotoscene" = true
    End On

    Make sure "true" is an expression. It must not have quotes.

    And in the last frame of the movie clip that you want to finish playing put

    If (/:gotoscene)
    Go to and Play (Scene 2, 1)
    End If

    The Go to and play will only happen if the button has been clicked.

    By the, it's much better to use movie clips in place of scenes. It will give you much more control and eliminate lots of problems in the future.

    Let me know if you need more,


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    thanks rich,

    worked a treat. have ditched the scenes in favor of movie clips now too.

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