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Thread: Designing a Site like this

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    Hi my name is Vincent. I'm 16 years old. I was intrested in designing a site like this got idea's for a domain name. or want to help design it or add flash to it. Want to join the team as soon as their is one. If so please e-mail me or post a msg here thanks =)

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    Creating a site is the most important part in web development. There are many sources now a days to create a site mostly through languages and codes. If you know languages you can very well create a site. Else you can go to some other professional and get their aid to create a site. Or if you need to create a site with your own taste without knowing any languages or programs, templates will help you. When creating a site through templates you can create a site within a day or two so that you can save time. i got my site created using templates. i got the templates from XnYnZ.com

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    Thanks shalimar for your suggestion. it might be good help for me also and i am also searching a website for the SEO and Website designer thanks again for the templates link.

    Atlanta website design

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