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Thread: i need ideas for development

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    Jun 2000
    this are some virtual turntables we made to promote artists / music. Now i need your ideas to help us develop them further.

    http://selma.trippelett.nu/bredband.html (1.1 mb)

    http://selma.trippelett.nu/modem.html (460 kb, same as above but it doesn´t sound as good.

    http://flickorna.trippelett.nu/dj.asp (340 kb another song, less effects, earlier version)

    and our own maskot "fat elvis" got himself his own turntables at : http://www.digitalartists.se/turntables (340 kb) (play on elvis to her him sing along...)

    and for all macaddicts we wrote a song at: http://www.digitalartists.se/music (select errorcode 51)

    please give feedback, what is god/bad and i would love some ideas on how to develop the turntables further.

    by the way, the programming is done with flash 4

    / David

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    Apr 2001
    http://selma.trippelett.nu/bredband.html was good but way to big for anyone on a 56k.

    http://selma.trippelett.nu/modem.html Just like you said, but the loss is not that bad at all!

    Overall it was fun as hell to play around with!! And I like how you gave someting to read/look at in the loading. Made me much more willing to stick around. Great job! I have much more to say...but I have a mix to work on now...hehe

    Lou C. Fur

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    thx Lou, when you have the time to tell me what more you have to say.... do it! enjoy your mixing....

    Cu / david

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