I am working on a flash site that has navigation links to various content in the movie laid out like a regular html site.

I am working in one .FLA file that is the home page and i want to include a small animated .FLA already completed into another part of this movie.

I invision it like it was an html page with flash file ebeded into part of the page. But this will be a movie inside a movie. Or is it?


-do I copy all the key frames from the FLA to be included and paste into a new movie symbol in the host FLA and then drag the symbol to where I want it in the window ?
I tried this and it worked somewhat. The movie instance was all one layer and every frame was a keyframe. I read that so many keyframes slows down flash and it works beter to use tweens. So what was once two keyframes tweened between 10 frame is now 12 seprate key frames. I want to keep things fast. Maybe this is faster because all the layers are in one keyframe now..

-do I copy all the key frames and layers from the small FLA and just paste them into the main FLA making them another part of the main time line and layers?
I think this will work fine (i haven't tried it yet) but I'm concered that after all said and done I'll have one big movie that will be slow to down load.

I've read about using a movie load action or something like that to keep everything in one html page that linksto seperate SWF files to keep the overall movie more efficient.

Does any one have a link to more info on setting up a flash site that will have lots of content and the best way to incorperate one .FLA into another?

Any help would be greatly apreciated .