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Thread: How do I tell movie2 (level1) to goto and play a scene in movie1(level 0)

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    Here's what I have. If it makes any difference, this is a standalone projector.

    MainMovie - has multiple scenes - this is loaded at the default level (0?)

    I have an external menu (Menu.swf) that I want to appear throughout the MainMovie.swf

    So, I go into the MainMovie scene 1 frame 1 and:
    loadMovieNum ("Menu.swf", 1);

    That works fine. BUT, I have menu items that link to MainMovie scene 2, MainMovie scene 3

    How do I tell the Menu items (on release) to goto and play these scenes in the MainMovie?

    tell target? tell path?

    Thanks for any help!!! It is greatly appreciated.

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    As far as I know you can't do it directly. If I'm wrong about this then you should probably disregard the rest of the post.

    I think all references to scenes are hardcoded into references to frames on export. The best way around this is probably inserting framelabels at the start of every scene and navigating by them instead, like

    Hope this solves the problem,

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    coopster -

    i was looking for the answer to the same question today lol.

    well here's the way i found to do it:

    To target another level you must use an identifier plus an absolute target. The identifier looks like "_level5" where 5 refers to the level containing the flash movie. So a typical target might be _level5.instance1 (in the old slash syntax - "_level5/instance1"). (from http://www.ultrashock.com)

    so you would do somthing like this: //assuming level 0 is the level of your base movie.

    on (press) {
    tellTarget ("_level0.ur_movie_clipname") {
    gotoAndPlay ("ur_frm_label");

    i hope this helps you out.
    love and light
    :: bakari

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