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Thread: loading and linking

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    hello all
    i have 2 problems, hope one of you could help me solve them.

    Doubt 1:

    if i want to add a link on my page to another website then must i type in the whole address...as in

    get url(http://www.flashkit.com) ?

    get url(www.flashkit.com does not work) so isit the former one?

    Doubt 2:

    my movie is a bit large and it takes a while to even get to the loading page.....my company sup says that she has seen flash pages which load extremely fast. i have tried decreasing the jpeg quality and even compressed my file. any other solution?
    i guess the trick is to just load the a partial part of the movie and let it begin immediately and as it goes the rest of the movie is loaded......am i right? if so , how do i do it? say i just want the first scene(which i would make it to be really small) to be loaded and it starts to play as soon as a visitor wishes to view the site ...the rest of the scenes load as the 1st scene plays.....

    do suggest how i could do that. thank you for your time and energy. ......by the way anyone in europe wanna join me to go arnd europe?

    with regards

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    It does sound like you need to put a preloader in. There's a tutorial for a Flash 4 preloader that might help:

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