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Thread: Calling an .MOV from Flash...

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    I bought JAvi so I could call an .AVI from Flash, but are there any programs out there that can call an .MOV up from Flash. I've usually gone with creating a projector in Director that calls up an .MOV, and then have my Flash projector call the Director projector - which calls the .MOV.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    I'm going to assume the following..

    A. That your presentation is going to be distributed as a executable (probably on a cd)
    B. That you want this movie to open in the default application

    In this case you could use my freeware Beta program to help you out.. My program launches files in there default applications so if this was Windows 98 or newer and they didn't have QuickTime installed.. the program would open in Media Player (I can't remember if any versions of 95 came with media player.. maybe B or C did)

    Have a look at my program and see if it does what you want..

    And let me simplify how this program works.. this program works on a command line interface (a interface flash can use) it basically does the same thing as say, double clicking on a .PDF file and having it open in Adobe Acrobat or double clicking on a text file and having it open in Notepad.. and that's exactly how it will treat every program that has a file type associated with it..

    And in case you didn't know Media Player 6.0 and beyond can play QuickTime files (I'm not sure about early versions)
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