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    Can you download a swf file from a site.
    I am trying to figure out how this page was done.
    I am on a Mac using Communicator 4.7....

    I am looking at this page trying to
    figure how it was done.


    I guess its 3 movies, and some type of action scripting plus maybe using the masking feature?

    Any one help please



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    have you figured out a solution yet?

    I would just do it all on the main timeline. set up 4 layers, an actions layer, a labels layer, a buttons layer and finally an artwork layer.

    on the labels layer set up 4 key frames spread nicely apart say 10-20 frames apart so when you label the frames you can read them all easily. just label them 1, 2, 3, 4. on the actions layer insert keyframes under the labels and put stop actions on them all (just for safety)

    on the graphics layer set up the template for the look ie. the images and the text. then punch in keyframes at each label and edit the text and image accordingly for the 4 different points on the timeline.

    finally do the same for the arrows. set up the first frame with the same button symbol flipped at top and bottom. then punch in keyframes at the labels. put action script on the individual buttons to either jump to next label or previous label.

    hope this helps if it's too confusing email me and i'll send a simple .fla

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    Allan Jardine
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    I don't think that downloading the swf file will help any. Not with the way the swf format works. If you import that downloaded file into flash then you'll just get a number of keyframes (every frame) and one layer. I don't think it will help any, it might allow you to see it in slow motion (frame by frame) but nothing else. You'll still have to figure it out.

    I agree with what bardley said.

    But if you still want to download it, then to be honest I am not sure. In IE you would position the cursor over the movie and then click and hold for a few seconds to get a centext menu. Netscape might have something similar.

    Good luck


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