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Thread: browser madness or flash bug ???

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    Mar 2000
    i wonder if someone can answer me this question:

    the command getURL ("something", "_blank");
    takes hours to open a new window in my IE 5.5.
    (its a flash 5 movie)

    if i do the same with window "_top" or "_self"
    the content is loaded within a second.

    same problem with my javascript commands out of flash
    in IE 5.5: it takes long long long until my popup
    window is open and content is displayed.
    to open a pdf in a new window it takes 25 seconds !!!
    the file is 60 kb and local on my PIII, 900MHz machine.

    whats wrong

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    Nov 2000
    Do you have the flash movie uploaded somewhere I could take a look at it? I might be able to help, but I need to see it first.


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