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Thread: Need Help creating a drop_down menu (Animated )

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    I know how to create a drop down menu, but,
    I want the drop down menu
    (which happens on mouseover)
    to slide down gradually.

    How do you do this?

    In my Drop_DownMovie

    I have basically the
    layers and I am using 15 frames
    which are labled like this:
    1-7 is contracted
    then 8-15 is expanded

    I have not added all the layers yet
    but there will be maybe 5 rectangular
    buttons that will drop down below the
    button when it is expanded.

    I make a layer for all 5 of these buttons

    The thought just occurred to me to
    put a recatangle in layer 9
    one in 11 one in 13 and one in

    I dont think this is how its done, so

    What is the proper way



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    i was kind of confused with how you said you did it so far, but here goes:

    if you make two movie clips, not just one, one for expanding and one for contracting. make a button and in the "Over" frame put the expanding movie and in the "Up" frame put the contracting movie. i think this is how you do it, but im not positively sure. i hope you can use it however.

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