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Thread: IE Problems

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    OK, here's my dilema....I've created .swf files before, and they've all worked on Macs & PCs in both IE and Netscape. I just created a .swf file and I imported video from Adobe Premier. My .swf file is embedded in an html page which works on both browswers on a PC but only in Netscape on a mac.

    What's going on here?

    Does it make a difference that my file is about 28MB (I know that's huge)?

    Any help would be appreicated!


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    Let me know the url and I'll take a look see .

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    yeah a url would help. did you import a quicktime movie? i'm almost positive the flash 5 player doesn't support quicktime, atleast not yet. you have to import them as frames. also are you testing this from your desktop or from a live site?

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    yeah, don't use quicktime movies in flash unless you want loads of tears. i've been there done it. it will play but it won't play sound because it can't maintain the frame rate. so if there is no sound in the movie you should be A.O.K.

    although i seem to remember something about setting the correct path to the movie. so the web page might still be looking for your hard drive to find the location of the movie. you can change this by double clicking on the movie in the library pallette and setting it's path ie http://www.etc etc.

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