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Thread: A little help?

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    Hi There,
    This is about playing sound/music.
    I have created a menu screen, with moive clips and graphics etc. And I decided to have some music playing. But I'm not sure how to go about it, I was thinking of just sticking it in a frame with menu screen.

    But this would make the loading time longer for the users.
    I was wondering if someone could tell me if it possible to load the music 'after' the menu is loaded up first.


    By the way dose anyone know where's good place to start learning illustrator 9.0?

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    Make a new movie add import the music place it in the frame ( I don't know ,but i think u have to increse the frames so the all music play...)
    Save as for exemple music.swf

    in your movie u cold put this
    ifFrameLoaded ("last") {
    loadMovieNum ("music.swf", 0);
    here last is the last frame of your menu or the thing u want to be loaded first...

    I think that will result

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