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Thread: FS Command "exec" in mac.. extremely urgent pls help.

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    hi guys please please please help. this is really urgent..

    The FS Command "exec" that we use in projectors are used to run applications. How can we do that on a mac?

    On a pc, we target the "exe" file, ... but on a mac?

    The situation that im in now is that my projector is required to start a director projector when a button is clicked. I can do that using the "exec" fs command, on a pc.
    But how can i do that on a mac?

    I would be really grateful if anyone can help. Or even let me know if this is not possible. thanks all.

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    exe on a mac (the 7 magic steps)

    I did a very similiar CD that required flash to boot up
    a quicktime movie. On the PC I used BAT files to do this
    and that worked well. On the Mac, the trick is to do the following:
    1) Create a CD with all your finished pieces on it
    2) Put it in the CD drive
    3) Boot up Applescipt, (comes free on a Mac)
    4) Next you simply record the actions it takes you to open the CD and double-click the director file to boot it up.
    5) As soon as you've done that stop recording your actions and save the resulting file out as an application.
    6) Burn a new CD with this application now on as well
    7) FS command it from Flash

    Basically its a small application whose sole purpose is to boot up the director file on the mac. Done deal.
    I dont know if this is the best way or not, but it works on all Macs I tested it on without any problems, regardless of OS version.

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