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Thread: is it possible?

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    is it possible tp put an swf into another swf? so if you have a swf you can put another into it.

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    If you just want to import an swf into another movie while working on it, maka new mc, then click in the first frame and go to file import, and import the swf. Stuff like scripting and its internal movie clips wont work though, yoou just get maintimeline frames.

    If you want to actually load one swf into another while its running then.....

    Let me see if I can make it really clear.

    make an mc with nothing in it.
    place it on your stage and give it the instance name "dummy"

    now you can issue the load command however you like. Say you use a button, then the button would say

    on (release) {
    loadMovie ("myExternal.swf", "_root.dummy");

    myExternal.swf is whatever your external movie is called, you are using _root.dummy, because your mc dummy is placed on the maintimeline or _root.

    a button to play your external movie would now say

    on (release) {
    tellTarget ("_root.dummy") {
    play ();

    Yes you could place the loadmovie command in the dummy mc. You could then have another load command in the external one that would load another and so on if you wished. Many ways to be doing that bit. If you wish to reuse "dummy" to load more movies into it, sending the load commands from elsewhere may be good.

    let me know if you have any trouble.

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